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Busey commercial difficult to watch

This evening I saw again — twice — Gary Busey’s new commercial for Amazon Fire. It’s weird. Busey is weird. It’s a known weirdness, the result of a severe brain injury suffered in a motorcycle accident in 1988. The injury caused the bizarre, often erratic behavior we see today from Busey. It was apparent when he was on Celebrity Apprentice. And it’s certainly apparent in the commercial. The man is not all there anymore. I am saddened by that, and some sources say it will only get worse with time. I understand the man must do what he can to earn a living, but this commercial, with him making fun of himself, clumsily (or perhaps being made fun of without realizing it), makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t know whether to laugh with him or at him, or just cry for him. It’s all pretty damn strange.

More Busey and the Celebrity Apprentice cast:

It’s sad.

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