In Colorado: Mother’s Day, ‘winter’ storm warning

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

It’s May 11. It’s Mother’s Day. It’s snowing.

That’s Colorado for you. Winter Storm Warning on Mother’s Day. They’ve been telling us for days. This will be a heavy, wet spring snow. Forecasts vary wildly because that’s the way it is here. There could be several feet in the mountains and only a few inches here. Or a foot in southwest Denver, near the mountains, and only a few inches out here in the far northeast metro. The latest information says five to ten inches possible here, and the meteorologists sound pretty sure of themselves.

My lawn desperately needs moisture — the yard man hasn’t gotten here yet to turn on the sprinkler system. But snow on almost fully leafed-out trees and shrubs … lots of potential damage. Not to mention three nights of freezing temperatures. We’ve been warned. And I have my trusty extendable duster ready to knock off accumulating snow if necessary.

Happy Mother’s Day!

16 thoughts on “In Colorado: Mother’s Day, ‘winter’ storm warning

    1. Oh we’re past “spring skiing” season. I think all the ski areas, although open several weeks longer than usual, are closed now. But this is not unprecedented. The rule of thumb here for spring planting is “not before Mother’s Day.” Now I know why.

  1. Crazy weather has always been a feature of both the coast and the mountains and we’re getting plenty in both places. Just be glad you’re not in tornado alley. I certainly am. :/

  2. You don’t want me to mention climate change, eh, Susan ? 😉 OK, I shan’t. Beautiful photo, in spite of what’s going on in Colorado.

  3. I’ve been taking a breather from keyboards out doing stuff – rain last night, low 50’s here tonight – only 73 and windy now – gotta enjoy it while it lasts.
    But I thought of you when I saw snow in Denver.
    Hope the landscape isn’t too freaked out. Much of our wisely didn’t raise it’s head and green up until this week.
    Happy mid week dance to ya’

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