Tell the FCC to protect net neutrality


By a 3-2 vote a few hours ago, the FCC decided to move ahead with new rules that could affect the openness, or “neutrality,” of the Internet. I learned about this several days ago, but the instructions I found for filing comments with the FCC were not clear.

I’m still sure exactly what the FCC hopes to do (several of many stories here and here), but interested parties have 120 days to file comments.

Your Internet is at stake. Speak up! File a comment with the FCC. There are easy instructions here:

1. Go to and look for docket number 14-28 (“Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet”) and click on 14-28.

2. Enter your name, address, and your comments. Hit the submit button and confirm your comment on the next page. 

I left this comment:

It is critically important that the Internet not be sold out to those who can afford to pay premiums for faster access. The net has always been and should remain a place where everyone has an equal voice and equal access. That’s what makes it so unique and so valuable. It’s the voice of the common man. Please don’t change that. Preserve net neutrality and net equality!! Don’t sell yet another chunk of America to the monopolistic profit-hungry telecoms.

Go comment. Do it now, while you’re thinking about it and your fingers are still on your keyboard. Be sure to click “Confirm” before leaving the site or your comment won’t be registered. You should see a message saying “Your submission has been accepted.”


12 thoughts on “Tell the FCC to protect net neutrality

    1. Thanks, Jim. I agree with Pai. There’s no need for haste here. In fact, rushing looks a lot like trying to sneak something through before the public realizes what’s happening and mounts opposition.

  1. Thanks for the links, Pied. Any time the congress labels a bill something like “Insuring Net Neutrality” you can almost bank on the real purpose being an extension of government intrusion and attempted control.

  2. I signed an opposition petition, and also did a comment based on your recommendationl. Thanks for making it easy to stand up against this change for the worse.

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