The artistry of webcams


Frequent Pied Type visitors are aware of my addiction to webcams. I post screenshots from them, comment on their availability, etc. They are my windows on the world, and although the cameras never move, the scenes are constantly changing.

This is a screenshot of downtown Denver that I grabbed last night just before dark (7:52 pm MDT). We’d had storms all afternoon and I wondered what the skies looked like down there, where the worst of them had been (I’m about 19 miles north of downtown Denver). Normally this scene looks … well, normal, with the colors and textures you’d expect. So I’m at a bit of a loss to explain this very interesting image. Virtually monochromatic, with an interesting grain and unusual lighting, considering the camera faces northwest toward Boulder. It looks like someone applied a special filter. I think it’s the result of the low light, with the camera almost at the point where it gives up and goes to a grainy black screen for the night. It could also be the result of storm clouds still in the area; I’ve seen a lot a really strange lighting during and just after storms.

In any case, I love this image. If you want to see what this particular webcam, located in Denver’s Cheesman Park, sees now, click here. Then click again for a great full-screen image. More storms are predicted for this afternoon, so things could get interesting.


11 thoughts on “The artistry of webcams

  1. Even now the lighting (natural !) is pretty weird, Susan … How much glorious greenery you have there; I’d been thinking of saying that this reminds me a bit of Sydney a while back until I realised how many more trees there are at your end. Your elders are thinkers, then – goodonem !

    1. It’s getting stormier looking by the minute as I type. Warnings are going out. Thunderstorms or worse into the evening. That would explain the lighting you see on the webcam this afternoon. Yes, it’s very green here right now. Spring is springing. Greenbelts and open spaces are numerous throughout the metro area; the great outdoors is the primary attraction in this state. Not that there aren’t a lot of dry, brown areas out east on the plains.

  2. Speaking of, the folks who run Phoebe’s webcam are moving and will be shutting down tomorrow morning (Friday). They say chat will still be available and are open to suggestions for a new stream. Makes me sad. 🙁

    1. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? And from a webcam. Strange.

      Only some showers today. And the previous two days … all the damage was from hail, not wind. It was four inches deep in a lot of places. Like snow. They had to plow the soccer stadium. Drains clogged with hail, etc. Love the rain, though.

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