Month: July 2014

Busy days on Niwot Ridge

I’ve mentioned before that there can be a lot to see with the University of Colorado’s controllable webcam on Niwot Ridge, west of Boulder. This last week has been more interesting than usual. Tuesday evening I tuned in around sunset,… Read More ›

Children are pawns in immigration games

Murrieta, Calif., grabbed the headlines last week with angry protesters blocking busloads of undocumented Central American immigrants. The buses were and are transferring immigrants, mostly children, from overcrowded detention facilities along the border to facilities in southern California. I’ve nothing but… Read More ›

Call me Icarus

I came across this picture while looking for pictures of cats with curly whiskers. It seems my son’s new kitten is developing curly whiskers and I was trying to imagine what that might look like. My first thought was that… Read More ›