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According to the YouTube notes, “Joy” is one of the best instrumentals of all time, and I agree. (I owned all the instrumentals.) It’s from the British studio group Apollo 100 and features keyboardist Tom Parker. “Joy” (1972) made it to #6 on the American Hot 100 and finished at #71 on Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 chart. It is based on Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. 

Last night I heard “Joy” as background music on a beer commercial. Heresy! But it reminded me I hadn’t heard the song in decades. It’s hard to describe the wonderful memories it evokes. Pardon me while I reminisce …

The year it was released my son was 4 years old. I’d fire up the stereo, turn the bass up all the way (permanent setting, actually), and crank the volume until the walls shook and the speakers were close to blowing. (I sure miss that stereo; laptop speakers are worthless.) My son would stand in front of the speakers, which were as tall as he was, and spin around as fast as he could, trying to keep up with the music until he got so dizzy he’d fall down. As soon as he regained his equilibrium, he’d get up and start again. And he keep going until the song ended, which required his final, dramatic collapse. “Happy dance” doesn’t describe it. We’d both be laughing so hard I’d get tears in my eyes … as I am now, just hearing it again.

… well, that’s a sentimental old woman for you …

Enjoy the music.

The back of the album cover:

JoyalbumbackAll the songs listed can be found on YouTube.

Correction: After a discussion with my son, we concluded it was actually “Mad Mountain King” that got him “wound up.” Easy mistake to make since we played the entire album incessantly.



6 thoughts on “Share the ‘Joy’

  1. Perfect way to end the work day. Think i need to learn how to make a ringtone! And it showed a vinyl record being played on a turntable; hard to believe kids have never seen one. Thanks for taking me back to high school & for sharing 🙂

    1. I too was thinking there are probably some young people out there who will wonder what that revolving thing is. Our music listening has sure changed a lot since then.

      I once found a free online place to make a ringtone. Turned out it was pretty hard getting just the right soundbite, even from a song I loved. It has to be pretty brief, and start and end in such a way that it doesn’t sound chopped at either end.

    1. Oh yes. There was never any intent to play the original composition. The whole idea was to do something new and upbeat. The original just provided a basic melody to start with. I loved it as the new song it was, not as a perversion of the original (which I also love). But like any music, I wouldn’t expect everyone to love it.

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