Welcome to Gaza


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    1. I wouldn’t put it in the same class as the World Trade Center. Not yet anyway. They need to kill another 1,000 or so to get there (and seem determined to do so). But it is horrible to look at all that destruction and know that people are still living there. And horrible to think a supposedly civilized nation is doing it to innocent people.

        1. Obviously I wasn’t thinking of it that way, but I see your point. Both were/are terrorist acts that killed large numbers of innocent civilians with the intent to terrorize a people, a government, a nation. Of course it won’t cow Hamas any more than it cowed the U.S. Such acts tend to unite those attacked in common cause to resist and defeat the terrorists. I suspect Israel is planting the seeds of a stronger, more determined Hamas and will live to regret it.

          1. That’s very true; I’ll always feel the pride and comradeship the bonding that we Londoners had during the war which saw more than 43000 killed during the blitz alone, there was no way that adolph and herman were going to get England from us.

            Sadly when I went back to London in 2005 all was gone except for a fleeting minute or two.

            The day before I left London I went to see the Lord Mayors Parade and there were the “Pearly Kings and Queens, Cockneys like me marching along still singing the songs which we sang during the war, most particularly ” Who do yer fink you are kiddin mr ‘itler if yer fink old Englunds done!” It brought back many nostalgic memories.

            Please excuse the slight digression from the thread

            (For your readers who don’t know what a Cockney is it’s a Londoner born within the sound of the bells of St Mary le Bow)

            http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockney ;this link will show/tell you more about them and the more famous ones are listed some very well known names amongst them.

          2. Other than the accent, I couldn’t have told you what a Cockney was. Fascinating that it originally defined those born within the sound of the bells …

            It’s kind of sad to see how places we love change in our absence (how dare they move on without us!). My old hometown has become almost unrecognizable in the years I’ve been gone, and most everything I knew or remembered is gone or changed. I suppose that’s inevitable, but still …

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