Obama, ISIS, and John McCain

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    1. You are correct, sir. I’m am utterly exhausted and fed up with American involvement in the Middle East, and yet, here we go again. All the while seeming to ignore problems here at home.

      1. I can understand that but somebody has to step up to the plate, and it seems to be Americas lot now. For many years it was England’s/Great Britain’s lot and just look how they are now viewed; no doubt in time you will be treated the same, perhaps you already are being looked at in the same way.

        But who or what are the alternatives? Russia, they’d love it! China? better hope not! Australia? 200 years too soon, so I think that unfortunately for you, you’re stuck with the role and the expense.

        So chin up and press on regardless. 😉

  1. McCain is no “hero” if my memory is correct, he crashed 5 airplanes, was not all that good a pilot, never would have gotten anywhere in the Navy if it was not for I think his dad and McCain being sort of a Legacy admittance, finally someone in the Navy took him aside and told him he would never go any higher and suggested he leave the Navy – so the Navy was pretty smart, too bad the voters in Arizona are not that bright

    1. I’ve gone off on him before, and I remember his history pretty much as you describe it. I liked him back before about 2000, but then he seemed to just kind of run off the rails. I’m an old fart myself, prone to prattling on, but at least I’m not doing it in Congress and in front of TV cameras.

  2. I didn’t watch it last night … already in the throes of an IBS flare from hell, I saw no reason to extend it. What always irritates me is the capitulation to those who insist on waging war (which costs a lot of money, they seem to forget) instead of seeking other avenues … and history repeats itself once again.

    1. You didn’t miss anything. We’re sending equipment and military advisors to Iraq, and will conduct airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria.

      That’s about it. Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thanks; I’m going to attempt to eat an egg and toast in a little while, so if you hear rumblings in the direction of Arkansas, it didn’t go well. 😀

        And of course we know that it wouldn’t matter what Obama said or didn’t because one side or the other would be getting their panties in a twist.

    1. Oh puh-LEEz. Last night’s ugly display wasn’t enough? Now he’s crowing about it? I have so HAD IT with that angry, pugnacious little man (and he is a little man, getting smaller every time he opens his mouth). At least I have enough self-respect to confine my angry, pugnacious opinions to a personal blog.

  3. Like me, Ron Paul is eccentric.

    We both say leave them to kill each other, but if they harm us then we obliterate them. No warnings, nothing off the table, no exposed strategy, no announced time line, nothing other than a guarantee of complete annihilation.

    1. “Us” being how many? Two reporters who voluntarily went into harm’s way in a foreign country? Personally, I don’t think that’s reason enough for us to get sucked into the Middle East again.

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