Month: October 2014

Boo, humbug!

This guy reflects my grouchy old lady mood after a dozen trick-or-treaters ignore my darkened porch and ring my doorbell anyway. (I was taught that no porch light means nobody home and/or no goodies available so do not disturb.) To those… Read More ›

Nine. Only nine

It’s been several weeks since I complained about the media fueling the Ebola panic. Since then things have only gotten worse and frankly I’ve been too exasperated to say anything. The media haven’t stopped talking about it, the government has jumped in… Read More ›

Is this harassment?

This video was intended to demonstrate the harassment a woman endures while walking in Manhattan. In this example, a woman walked around Manhattan for 10 hours, following a friend who was carrying the camera in his backpack. As planned, she spoke to no one… Read More ›

Death and dying in Colorado

This Saturday, one day after her husband’s birthday, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard will end her life. An Oregon resident with incurable brain cancer, she has chosen death with dignity rather than suffer what has been described as a horrible way to die. As I’ve noted… Read More ›

Life Alert tries again (video)

First, Life Alert became a long-standing joke with its “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials. Then it was widely and justifiably condemned for a truly creepy, horrible commercial. Now, finally, they’ve partially redeemed themselves with this commercial. It’s… Read More ›