Worrying about a crew on Trail Ridge Road

7 thoughts on “Worrying about a crew on Trail Ridge Road”

    1. No, that’s not the sort of thing that gets on the news — where a road crew was at such and such a time. But I did see that Trail Ridge Road was closed about two hours after I grabbed this shot. So yes, it got bad, but maybe the driving wasn’t that bad up until the closure and they were able to get down. If they went down toward the west, it would have been a much shorter, easier drive.

      1. The weather is changeable this time of year. We had a beautiful sunny mild week before this moved in and beginning Saturday, the forecast is for another stretch of 10 pretty days. Trail Ridge Road is at high altitude. I’ve seen snow up there in July. So don’t judge by it; it fluctuates wildly throughout the year.

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