Day trip to Trail Ridge Road

10 thoughts on “Day trip to Trail Ridge Road”

  1. What an excellent daytrip! Had just checked the NPS webcam page and saw the new cctv angle with the new winter op mode. So quickly clicked to your site– and found your in-person account! You had a perfect day up high– have you ever been on top this late before? So sorry about your phone and the nervous feeling you had driving without that tool. But isn’t the G3 something great… i have even loaded the mobile nook app & if i take my glasses off, can read comfortably. Has already saved me several pounds in airplane books and a couple hundred $ by not needing a new nook tablet. (but i really wish it had a keyboard instead of this virtual one) So envious of your location– thanks for posting about your day!!

    1. Nope, never this late. Late September was previously the latest. We had such a great time. Traffic was pretty light, and as always, there were the tourists who’ve rarely seen snow. We passed two different groups out by the side of the road building little snowmen. Still not that much snow on the peaks. About what you see in the pictures. It’ll be awesome next spring. We won’t follow the plows and press up on opening day, though. Maybe the Monday or Tuesday after that.

      Love my G3. Got it without much thought because (a) my daughter-in-law has one and (b) Verizon was running a special on it. Hope I don’t get too carried away with it though, as I only have a 2G data plan. I’ve never been terribly competent on a regular keyboard, so my finger jabbing at a tiny cellphone keyboard is laughable.

      1. You could summit Longs alone, but wouldn’t want to follow the plows up TR!! Actually, don’t blame you for letting those daredevil types go first. And in the spring, you can take lots of pix with the G3– amazes me this phone is better than my 1st digital SLR. Oh, try holding it landscape… the keyboard is a teeny bit larger. And it is still 1-finger typing, but i use my middle finger at about a 45°angle from the screen and kind at the point where the side of your fingernail extends past the nailbed. Much easier/more accurate than a thumb or index finger… and settings will let you have clicking keys 😁 but my nail clicks on the screen, so turned the sound off!

        1. Sorry, forgot to say verizon lets you change data plans as often as you need, up or down. Quite a change from sp****. I started with 2g, but went to 4 while getting the apps and games and just playing with setting it up. Right now i am at 2 again. I think it costs an extra $15 per gig to add but lots higher fees if you go over. Ok, will go away now!

          1. Yes, I looked closely at what happens if I go over 2G, and I think I understood that it would be another $15 (maybe it was $25) for another gig for that one month. Not a killer as long as I don’t do it very often. I watch it closely and have warnings set. I’m using my wifi while working through all the set-up and initial downloads, and that will help to keep it down.

        2. Ooo, I’ll have to try that middle finger thing. Index finger isn’t that great. I made the keys a bit higher (stretched them, vertically) and that seems to help a little.

          From the videos I’ve seen of opening day on Trail Ridge, it looks like a plow leads the press cars up the road but the road is already cleared. The plow is just there to lead the parade. We want to avoid that initial congestion by going a day or two later. Nothing daring about it.

  2. Just saw a fb from the Estes Paper – it is snowing high, raining low and TR is closed. So now waiting 20 mins till NPS updates their website for this morning to see if your brother’s prediction is true… the other park webcams are snowy; hope we haven’t already lost the passhouse cam– i don’t know what time it updates, yet, still showing Sun afternoon shot. Sure glad you ran up there last week!

    1. The Friday before we went up, the park’s website said the road was closed. But my brother called them and they said the road was open but that they were having trouble getting their page to update. (It was too late by then for us to head out.) So we went the following Monday. I would encourage anyone thinking of going up there to CALL park headquarters and make sure. For now I wouldn’t rely on the park’s website.

  3. Sometimes the best times are when you are completely there – and not using a camera or phone. The “images” recorded those times somehow rarely fade or lose that feeling of the moment.
    Thank goodness they leave those bathrooms available at the top even when the main building is close. Whew! Been glad of that a few times myself.
    Funny how we have gotten so used to phones all the time. I used to know where/which tall spots you have to stop at in CO to get cell service – easier now with more towers (Happy when places disguise them!)
    Appreciated this great post – been dealing with Husband in ER and more doc visits, so chances of travel probably snowbound at this time. Will be catching up with reading as I can..stupid laundry never takes a vacation….

    1. I decided long ago to forget the camera and just “be there,” recording everything on the emulsion of the mind.

      So sorry to hear about the hubby. ER doesn’t sound good at all. I’ll be thinking about you both. Keep me posted.

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