Fearless hawk takes down drone (video)

Gotta love this. A drone being flown above a park in Cambridge, Mass., was attacked and knocked out of the sky by a hawk. Having vanquished the intruder, the hawk flew away apparently uninjured. Reportedly the noisy drone also survived the incident. Too bad.

Hurray, hawk! Long may you rule the skies.




11 thoughts on “Fearless hawk takes down drone (video)

    1. It’s early for me, too, so I don’t understand the bee reference (maybe after I’ve had my coffee). Not important, as long as you enjoyed the hawk.

      Oh, wait, I just played the video again and the drone does sound like a swarm of bees. All the more reason I’m glad the hawk knocked it down. I wouldn’t want a sound like that around me, either. (Plus, I hadn’t heard about the bee attack in AZ until now. Terrible story.)

        1. Not so silly. I’d think at the very least a nearby drone would stir up a hive of bees and the really aggressive ones might actually attack something noisy and moving in their vicinity.

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