The days dwindle down to a precious few


Oh, it’s coming, all right. We’ve been smacked once already and although Trail Ridge Road is open again, it won’t be for much longer. Winter is right around the corner and the folks up at the Alpine Visitor Center know it, too. They’ve built a snowman on the back deck railing, just as they did two years ago, and by the end of the month, the road will probably be closed for the season. Poor little guy will be up there all alone … if he doesn’t melt first.

(Image from Alpine Visitor Center webcam)

12 thoughts on “The days dwindle down to a precious few

    1. He may not last till winter. The sun is intense at that altitude and because it’s so dry, snow tends to just evaporate rather than melt. If you check the webcam, it shows the temperature at the top of the screen. Earlier today it was 44 degrees up there, which is cool, but not healthy for snowmen.

      No, the wee hours don’t exist on my clock. And I can’t see a lot of sky from my house. So I’ll be sleeping through it.

      1. We are into whiplash weather season for sure. Evaporating snow? – great for sidewalks, not for water reservoirs. Hope the snowpack soaks everything this winter.
        I woke up, but the dog was snoring…never wake a sleeping hyper dog – my rule. It was overcast from coastal clouds, so I wouldn’t have seen it – there’s lots of pix, so I can pretend until the next time (and there’s another excuse…hey I saw the last one. bad pictures, though)

        1. Hi PMotH and PT– was on the hwy from 0430- 0540 cdt and it was clear here, for once. Very gorgeous colors during the Total period, but did not stop for photos, sorry! If only the total solar eclipses could be so easily witnessed 🙂

          1. Ooo, lucky you. Sort of. Can’t imagine being on the road at that hour. We had high clouds move in sometime last night, so even if I’d gotten up, I’m not sure I could have seen much.

        2. Snowpack from last winter was great, so it’s been a good year, waterwise. Would be nice to see the same thing again this winter and next year.

          Yes, the evaporating snow is wonderful. In Oklahoma it would melt, refreeze, melt, refreeze for days, with lots of ice around for the duration. Here, most of the time, it just magically disappears. I rarely shovel the walk and driveway anymore. It’s usually all gone in a day or two anyway. We only get “shovelable” snow maybe 3 or 4 times in a season, contrary to what many people think about Denver, although admittedly I seem to live in a sort of “dry spot” in the far north burbs.

    1. Something makes me think of The Borg… Resistance is Futile…. Maybe just that the season ending snow is lurking out there somewhere? They are cute little guys, till then, though!

      1. Ha, yes indeed, resistance is futile. Nature will have its way, no matter what. The snowmen are just there to welcome the season. (It sure is nice to be able to be philosophical about it instead of having to stress over commuting in bad weather for 4 or 5 months.)

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