Elsa and me

Thursday morning, a morning when the temperature in Denver dropped to a record low of -14° F., a tiny kitten was found lying motionless and nearly frozen in the snow. She was rushed to the Denver Dumb Friends League and although it took almost an hour to raise her temperature to a level that would register on a thermometer, she survived. She was named Elsa, after the brave young woman in the movie Frozen and will soon be put up for adoption. By now, in fact, she’s probably been spoken for.

There. Now I’ve told the story. Perhaps the telling will finally get it out of my head and help me resist the persistent, almost overwhelming urge to run downtown and adopt her. I’m sure many people were offering homes as soon as the story aired, but I have a bit of history with orange kittens and freezing weather, I have an aging cat who needs company, I’m a sucker for kittens, I have room in my home, I love cats, and …

Well, you get the idea.

Fare well, little one. And in the future, please stay inside.

(Image: P. Solomon Banda/AP Photo)

24 thoughts on “Elsa and me

  1. Awwwwwwww! I love marmies … I’ve had three, and they were all sweet as could be. Elsa’s such a cute and lucky girl!
    And it’s a good thing I’m so far away, otherwise I’d be on my way 😀

  2. A lovely story PT, I do like little kitty cats trouble is they grow into big pussy cats and I’m a dog person through and through myself,

    However I don’t like to see anything happen to any of our little domestic pets. I would never be under any temptation to rush off and adopt a poor creature like this one in the warm and secure knowledge that there are lovely people like you ,cat and dog people who would just jump at the chance of having his little pussy cat and give her a home.

    I see by your thermometer that temp in Denver is showing 22F that is – 10F if my calculations are correct, how on earth do you and cats survive? And if anybody answers with “with great difficulty” I shall scream!

    1. When you’re indoors with the heat on, it doesn’t much matter what the outdoor thermometer says. Well, at least it doesn’t matter until the utility bill arrives. It’s those stuck outdoors, like this poor kitten, that have problems.

  3. Sweet little kitty… only 15 miles away… a perfect forever home just waiting for her with a ready-made family to boot. And even if someone else has adopted her, bet there might be another little bitty needing some love, too! It is Thanksgiving season, after all…. (says one with more cats than necessary because people dump them and they show up hungry, so they get fed, fixed, and stay… can’t abandon them to our kill shelter) oh, i adopted 2 7yr old house cats this summer; on their last day… left at the pound because their owners had a baby and no longer wanted them…. Gosh, only 15 miles. Bet you could even capture a portal along the way. You know you want to!!

      1. Awwwwwwwwwwww, just listen to those little fluffballs purrrrrrr & squint up at you with their little whiskery kitten smiles. Always happy to help when i see a need!

  4. Nice, PT. Thankfully, we have people like you who want to run down and adopt kittens….I’m a dog person, but I get the desire to save the helpless!

    1. Ah, but I’m a dog person, too. Kittens and puppies, cats and dogs. That’s the problem. I currently have 1 dog and 1 cat and that’s about all I can manage, given the high cost of modern vet care.

  5. I saw that kitty story!!!! Are you still sitting on your hands to keep from calling? We’re tying ourselves to the fridge as there’s a German Shepherd in foster care needing a spot. But the yearly costs do add up. And the cat voted NO.
    Besides we still are available for The German so she won’t have to go to be boarded …she doesn’t do well there…finds the camera and sits pathetically in front of it and moans “Why have I been left with dogs?”
    She’s a pretty cat and won’t be homeless for long
    (…now if they show up desperate on your doorstep, there isn’t much choice)

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