Hoping for RMNP license plate

RMNPlicenseplateA quick note to Colorado residents: The Rocky Mountain Conservancy (formerly Rocky Mountain Nature Association), an organization supporting Rocky Mountain National Park, is gathering signatures on a petition asking the state legislature to establish a special license plate promoting the park and celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2015.

Earlier this year I started to post something about this and then canceled it because I thought the window for approval had closed when the legislature adjourned. I was mistaken. If 3,000 valid signatures can be collected, the petition will go to the legislature in January. Currently there are 3,240, but a safety margin is need to allow for invalid signatures.

Signing the petition constitutes a pledge to buy the special plates, and 3,000 a year must be ordered to keep it in production. This is the first special Colorado plate I’ve seen that would make me abandon my classic green-and-white plate. I waited some 60 years for the privilege of putting that plate on my car and it marks my status as a finally-for-real Colorado resident. Now, though, I’d love to have this RMNP plate.

4 thoughts on “Hoping for RMNP license plate

  1. I would be happy with either plate! My fingers are crossed for enough signatures by the deadline; RMC has been promoting the special plates as widely as they can. Wish there was a way for Colorado-wannabes to have them, too….

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