Obnoxiously windy today, but the snow is melting

6 thoughts on “Obnoxiously windy today, but the snow is melting”

    1. No, we just have very interesting, changeable weather. Lots of mild periods mixed with our bouts of snow and freezing temperatures. It’s a common misperception that Denver looks like the North Pole all winter. Not so.

  1. It was mid 50’s here today with strong winds – still below normal and expecting 2 mornings of lower 20’s. Followed by extreme cold and wet weekend. (UGH – but may mean beautiful spring flowers who like this sort of stuff)
    Doesn’t that map look a bit like a shaggy dog?

    1. LOL, yes it does. Hadn’t thought about that before.

      Just as well we get rid of this snow today. Or as much of it as we can. I think it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow night.

  2. What crazy extremes (not cra-cra) as you have real warmth and no snow, we hit our high of 18 about 0600 and descending to low single digits tonite, expecting windchills below zero into tomorrow at least. Forecast doesn’t show measurable snow, but extending 10 days, we won’t see 32 anytime soon. I loved the photo you used… till realizing it was blowing snow 🙂 just cked the tundracam & blue skies, but really shaking in the wind up there!

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