Grandma gaming into the new year

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    1. Until you’ve seen or played one of these games, you can’t imagine how realistic and immersive they’ve become. Amazing compared to the board and card games I was limited to as a child.

      1. I have seen them in action but they did nothing at all for me,not that I’m too old just that it all seemed rather pointless to me, and my chum playing the games was brilliant I’d love 1% of his nous. I’d soooner read a good book for my pleasure 🙂

    1. It’s the immersion in another world that keeps my attention, I think. It’s places to go and exciting things to see and do and discover without ever leaving the house. (These aren’t simplistic puzzle games like PacMan, Angry Birds, or Candy Crush.)

      1. Yes, I know what games you refer to. My nephew loves it when I come over because I’ll play against him…but my interest only lasts half an hour, an hour tops. It might be because he beats the crap out of me…

      2. I can barely keep up with my grandson. It’s embarrassing how poorly I play in comparison, but he’s so gracious about it. I can’t imagine a kid bragging to his friends that he plays with his grandmother, but he asks me to play with him (we’re a team, not adversaries). An hour with him does exhaust me. Even an hour alone can be tiring because the games are intense, require a lot of concentration, etc.

  1. Wow… that is quite the gamer update. You certainly have not been napping your spare time away. Although I have no games similar to yours, since I am a ‘middle earth’ fan in general (want to move their someday) I may have to check that one out although as I have mentioned before, I lean toward the computer compatible games. And I am just plain terrible at those sword swinging, sword leaping and high-jumping kick games. 🙂

    1. There are ample reviews and videos about any game, so you tell a lot about them before committing. I’m not sure how “Middle Earth” this one is, other than lots of swinging swords at orcs. This particular game’s unique new feature is that if you fail to kill an opponent, he’ll be stronger the next time you meet him. That will negate my usual tactic of learning every time I fail, until I finally manage to beat a particular opponent. Could be it will get too hard, too fast. We’ll see.

  2. Words with Friends is about the extent of my gaming, and even with that I do tend to get impatient if I take too long to find a word to play.

    But I think it’s great that you’re into this. We all have to look for new mind challenges. Mine of late has been learning “Joomla,” a content management software to build websites.

    1. My impatience/frustration tolerance seems to get lower by the day and makes these games more and more difficult. I’m sure Joomla is a challenge, but at least you’ll have something worthwhile to show for your effort.

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