The Dawn Wall: Climbers together again

Jorgeson hard at work yesterday (Image: ElCap Reports)

ElCap Reports announced yesterday that Kevin Jorgeson, attempting to free climb Yosemite’s 3,000 ft. Dawn Wall, topped pitch 20 and reached the Wino Tower ledge, rejoining partner Tommy Caldwell. The two now face a dozen more pitches up 900 feet to complete their historic climb. They hope to finish in another two days or so.

See ElCap Reports for more photos of the day’s climbing.

With daylight fading, Kevin finally rejoins Tommy and their crew atop Wino Tower (Image: ElCap Reports)

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8 thoughts on “The Dawn Wall: Climbers together again

    1. There’s a lot to be said for having professional photographers and videographers on the scene covering the entire climb. The still shots are amazing, and I’m looking forward to a film at some point. I still struggle to comprehend the size of the Dawn Wall. Long Peak’s east face, the Diamond, is 900 ft. The Dawn Wall is 3,000 ft!

      1. they are still climbing…last night they showed pix of their battered bleeding hands. The last part of the climb may be less difficult, but when exhausted, bleeding, and cold, it’s not easier.
        They planned this for 7 years? And their small children are below watching.

      2. At least 7 years. I think some sources say 10, or maybe that’s how long they’ve known each other. The pictures of their hands make mine hurt! One local source said they’re using super glue to close the splits in their fingertips. Whatever it takes, I guess. They’re getting sooo close …

  1. Goodness, how huge the Longs Peak Diamond is and that being only 900 feet… they truly are specks on the wall, thinking about a 3000 foot climb. That is like a 300-story building. Washington Monument is 555 ft… the Arch in St Louis is 630 ft… Empire State is 102 floors & The Twin Towers had 110 stories. Sure wish i could be there to see it! And thinking how i act with a single paper cut, well, guess free climbing anything is not on my bucket list 🙂

    1. Not on mine either. I keep looking at photos of the Diamond, and then stacking two more on top of that. Just looking up at the Dawn Wall must be breathtaking. I am so in awe of these guys!

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