‘Most diverse Congress in history’ really isn’t

Image: Washington Post

Yesterday on TV I heard seemingly conflicting reports about the diversity of the 114th Congress. So today I decided to dig into the demographics.

A report from The Hill says this is the most diverse Congress in history, with a record number of females — 104, including the first black Republican woman — and the largest group of black Republicans since Reconstruction — 46. There are also 33 Hispanics, 12 Asians, and 2 members “of Native American ancestry.”

Yet despite all that diversity, the Washington Post can’t help but notice that Congress is still 80% white, 80% male, and 92% Christian.

Diversity, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

6 thoughts on “‘Most diverse Congress in history’ really isn’t

  1. When former Spanish prime minister Zapatero came to power he ensured his cabinet was 50:50 women:men. I think that was pretty exceptional and applaudable. Not that he got back into power …

    But the 80:80:92 explains an awful lot about American politics to this outsider.

  2. The Republicans all act like they’re planning a coupe. I heard something on a radio talk show (I missed some of the info), but basically they’re promoting the “Trickle Down” theory again (just under a different name). Giving the fat hogs a ton of tax breaks and in turn, they’ll all be so grateful that they’ll hire all kinds of people — what they don’t tell you is that the new hirees are all in China. I hope Obama uses his Veto power and Executive Order ability to the max with this buffoons.

  3. Unless the 114th Congress listens to the voice of America and decides to take action on what they hear,we will most likely get more of the same…smoke and mirrors.

    1. I wish I believed Congress still listens to the people. Mostly, now, I believe they listen to their parties and to the 1% / lobbyists / Big Business. And I think that’s true on both sides of the aisle.

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