New to me: Slo-mo lightning videos

Not new on YouTube but certainly new to me — lightning in slow motion. It’s fascinating. To me, anyway.

The first video explains some of the science of lightning:

The second includes a pop-up ad about half way through that you’ll have to click off. And I much preferred watching it in silence rather than listen to a very distracting song that I didn’t like. I think I got more enjoyment from these next two videos with the sound turned off. It was like watching one of those distant lightning shows where you never hear the thunder.

The third includes recorded sounds of the storms. Nice at times (I love the sound of a thunderstorm). At other times the sound quality seemed poor.

I don’t know about those of you in other parts of the country, but I’ve spent many summer evenings sitting outside watching lightning in the distance. Spectacular shows that filled the skies, often in complete silence. The bonus for us in Oklahoma, of course, was that such storms often meant rain. But the down side was it could be dry lightning, and while it was just as beautiful to watch, it started grass fires.

8 thoughts on “New to me: Slo-mo lightning videos

  1. These never get old! (oh, the thunder storm sounds. wonderful)
    Big skies are a luxury…but better when its not summer and stuff is so dry. We saw it hit the top of the hotel across the lake once. Fried wiring…That hotel over a graveyard or something – same one that woman ran over and over and over her husband in the parking lot. Hurricane ripped it apart, too.

    1. No, no, big skies are not a luxury. They are essential to my happiness. I can’t breathe without them.

      I have a sound machine in my bedroom that’s set on “thunderstorm.” When the last one died, I was frantic to replace it ASAP. Not that I’m habituated or anything …

      Closest I’ve gotten to lightning was a tingling on Longs Peak, and it’s a wonder fear alone didn’t kill me. There was no strike that day. Luckily.

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