Stupid is as stupid does

Ronni Bennett posted this on her blog, Time Goes By, this morning. Not only did I feel compelled to post it too, I’m tempted to make it a fixture in my sidebar. It explains stupidity perfectly, and it’s the stupidity of others that usually annoys me first and foremost, no matter the issue or situation. (I, of course, never do or say stupid things … )

20 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. It explains so much of so much!
    (Sort of like those TV ads about one drug or the other in the “side effects” part they mention worsening of depression means you should notify your doc if feeling suicidal…but if you are depressed and suicidal, would you even notice worsening depression and be motivated to call up doc? )
    Circular thought is so much the rage/trending raging these days? (giggles)

    1. This was sort of my understanding/explanation, but he explains it so succinctly. Yeah, that circular reasoning thing, scary how widespread it is. It’s kind of like inbreeding or something. A closed circuit that gets more and more polluted and erroneous. And into which no light or reason or fresh idea is allowed.

      Hmm, did that make sense at all? It just kind of came out …

  2. I laughed my butt off while watching that video a couple of weeks back. But then, for some strange reason, I suddenly lost all confidence that it was right for me to do so… O_o

  3. Well, I don’t feel stupid so I must not be stupid…

    Or am I stupid because I don’t feel stupid but I really am stupid…

    Or maybe I just feel stupid compared to someone who is really smart so that I am stupid by comparison…

    Or maybe I just had on off-day so that I feel stupid today but won’t tomorrow…

    Or maybe I just need a drink and a nap.

    1. Well, I was thinking that I wasn’t stupid, but now you’ve confused me. Am I confused because I’m stupid? Or smart because I understood that you’re confusing? I dunno. But a drink and a nap sound good.

      1. My visit here earlier left me wandering in the dark, with my hand metaphorically covering my mouth, while repeating this quote over and over in my head:

        “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

        Is it strange that I now feel relieved after reading what you and Curmudgeon-at-Large have said?

        1. Not strange at all. That’s one of my favorite quotes, by the way, and I’ve tended to live that way. Works for my shyness and insecurity. But hey, this is my house. I feel pretty secure here.

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