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Creepy ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden has gone too far

(Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Vice President Joe Biden is well known for his verbal gaffes and has put his foot in his mouth many times. But Tuesday he misplaced his hands instead. He put them on another man’s wife, Stephanie Carter, wife of new Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. In public. While Carter was speaking, just a few feet away, at his swearing-in ceremony.

I don’t want to hear that this is just “Joe being Joe.” I don’t care how old-fashioned or old school or out of touch “Good ol’ Joe” might be. He’s only 5 months older than I am and I know this is inappropriate. Why doesn’t he? Mrs. Carter seemed remarkably poised when it happened, but I’d like to think she was fighting the impulse to turn around and deck him. I don’t care if he is the vice president. The only woman he has any business getting this friendly with is his own wife.

I used to like Joe Biden. Now I’m just repulsed.

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