Faster than Lucy and Ethel

I am easily amused, apparently, but I find these battery-packing robots fascinating. They’re fast and obviously can “see” what they need to do. Certainly more efficient than Lucy and Ethel.

Of course, a smarter upstream robot would do a neater job of putting the batteries on the conveyor belt in the first place. Then these two would be unemployed.

Maybe next year.

12 thoughts on “Faster than Lucy and Ethel

  1. Obviously a case of “built-in obsolescence” my friend. But they’re still very cool, and it’s probably a good thing they’re not as funny as the Lucy and Ethel skit as well. After all, can’t have all the other robots rolling around on the floor laughing! 😉

    1. Manufacturing robots and machines fascinate me too. And you’re right, the people who design them must be fascinating too. The container designers, too. I marvel at the intricately folded, tucked, and sectioned cardboard boxes that contain things I order. Somebody had to figure out how to cut the flat cardboard that got folded into those containers.

      WALL.E was adorable. If we’re going to have robots, let’s hope they evolve in that direction. I’d order one right now to clean the house.

  2. I LOVE Walle!! It also makes an important statement of the health (both physical and relational) in our society. This vid is a hoot! I remember the episode where Lucy is working with pies(?) on the conveyor belt–she’s still funnier than the robots!!

  3. If you like to read and are fascinated with robots… especially with how business and government applies robot technology to the job market and then how society reacts to it: I recommend Isaac Asimov’s robot series. NOT THE MOVIE ADAPTATIONS!!! Begin with either the text or audio book titled “Caves Of Steel” and then “Naked Sun.” If you aren’t hooked by then… well… you aren’t gonna.

    1. I’m not much of a read-for-pleasure reader; it was too much of a busman’s holiday from my editing work. But Azimov has a great reputation and I’ve little doubt I’d agree with whatever he says.

    1. I’ve seen a few of those, but most are new. Love the various harvesting machines; amazing how those have developed since I was a kid. The one for the bridgeworkers was really cool. The zipper lane changer was considered here in Colorado, where we desperately need an extra lane going into the ski areas on Fridays and coming back on Sundays. But the snow in the mountains made that unworkable. The machines that cut down trees so easily are a bit disturbing to me; I hate to see clear-cutting made any easier. We’re already cutting too much too fast.

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