Oh joy, it’s Valentine’s Day


15 thoughts on “Oh joy, it’s Valentine’s Day

    1. As I recall, you’re the one who found this GIF and I swiped it from you. I have to ask myself on days like this if I’m really cynical and jaded about the romantic love thing … or just jealous. I think it’s the former, but not entirely sure.

      1. You know PT, I’m thinking it’s just that kind of ‘self-doubt’ that’s keeping me from becoming the super-villain I’ve always longed to be. But then, I’m not entirely sure about that either! 😉

        BTW, I was just attempting to throw together a Valentine’s Day post of my own and ran across that old image. Haven’t a clue where I got it from. For all I know, I stole it from you! 😀

        1. Pretty sure I got it from you. Before that I used the picture of the dead cupid with the arrow in his back. Had to flip a coin between the two.

          Supervillain, eh? Nah. I don’t think you’re mean enough for that.

  1. Whew! A few moments to finally catch up a little (does that ever happen…really?) I’ve been married 35 years, and I still think this is hilarious! FUN post!! BTW–supervillians are merely superheroes waiting to happen…

  2. Something there is in the human psyche that craves attention draped in the veneer of formality. Thus the growth of holidays, even though some are virtually meaningless. Like Halloween, for example, that bastion of the candy industry. Valentine’s day is likely a close second in their hearts. I won’t even talk about Commercial Christmas.

    I didn’t give my wife anything for Valentine’s day. We verbally verify our love for each other every day in both actions and words and the older we get the more meaningful that is. We are aware that we lucked out, and that our compatibility was more a matter of chance than of design. We are grateful.

    1. I’m cynical enough to think that many of our holidays have become what they are for purely commercial reasons. The florists, the candy and greeting and gift wrap companies, and the makers of decorations, the purveyors of anything giftable — all want their piece of the holiday profit. But underneath it all, some of us are still fond of the original motives. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I confess, if there were a man in my life, I’d hope for some special recognition of the day, even if it were only a sappy, romantic card.

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