Rainbow beach couple found for Valentine’s Day



I am only a week late with the news but the mystery couple that got engaged on the beach under the rainbow was found. In time for Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t thought to look for a follow-up until this evening, but there it was.

On the day before Valentine’s Day, Robert Treml of Philadelphia received a phone call from his brother in St. Louis.

Treml said, “He’s like, ‘I just saw a link online and there is a photographer in San Diego who actually captured your proposal at the exact moment and it’s under a rainbow, and he’s looking for you.”

He explained, “I grabbed her hands and we did the proposal right there. And as we were that very special moment together, that rainbow formed above us. It was such a magical moment for us.”

Treml soon-to-be-wife, Meghan Peart, contacted area news stations, who then contacted McGeorge. The photographer plans to send a large print of his photo to the couple.


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    1. I’m kind of old-fashioned. Rainbows in the sky are still the first thing I think of when I hear “rainbow.” Sorry if I misled you. I was trying make the story identifiable but without an overly long head. I don’t spend nearly enough time on heads (I’ve heard you should spend as much time on the head as on the post itself).

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