Eagle records own flight from world’s tallest building

My kind of video. An imperial eagle named Darshan, wearing a tiny video camera, was released today from the top of the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, to soar around the tower and then return to his handler, Jacques-Olivier Travers. Throughout the flight he watches his handler on the ground for cues, first to soar and then to return to the ground. The flight set a record for the highest recorded bird flight from a manmade structure, and lucky BBC viewers got to see it live.

I had several specific thoughts while watching. The first: Man has no business building anything that high, much less actually being that high without either a plane or a parachute. And the second, as the eagle was diving toward the ground: “Dude, pull up! Pull up!”

The flight was staged and filmed by the Freedom Conservation to raise awareness of endangered raptors and encourage conservation.

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        1. I’ve always been impressed by the fabulous, creative architecture there, made possible by all their oil money. Not so impressed by the way the workers are supposedly treated. And I know I’d hate the climate.

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