2016: Whose presidency will it be?

For Sale: The Presidency of the United States


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  1. Whose presidency will it be?

    Right now, my bet’s on Charles Koch. USA Today’s weekend edition this week did an interesting feature on the intensely private, 79-year-old $42-billionaire. They say he’s more libertarian than merely conservative. A technically-brilliant workaholic, he can’t seem to get his head around the fact that everybody isn’t just like him. He’s never been poor, never unemployed, never pregnant, never shot at, never badly sick, never arrested (not even for felony running), and apparently never even been unlucky. Charlie is adrift in his own world and his hobby is trying to bend the world to an image of his own making. For some people, an ant farm is amusing enough. Not for Charlie.

    1. Sounds like he lives in an idyllic crystal bubble, completely untouched by reality. If he could manage something similar for the whole world, it might be nice. But since he’s only out to help a chosen few …

  2. It is more than just money,otherwise only the super rich would win.I think political parties win and NOT the candidate,who I think is the puppet of the political party.We need someone who believes in the Constitution of The United States of America AND a political group or party who will support the candidate. Unfortunately this is not Disneyland and I do not live in fantasy land. I do believe in miracles and that is what it will take to lead America out of its downward moral spiral. Because miracles do not require money,no amount of money given to any political party will ensure a victory by that political party. Amen…and may God Bless America as He once did.

    1. John, I don’t believe in miracles. I used to believe in the American voter, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. Too many seem too willing to go along with whatever the 1% tells them is good for them. I do hope most people will think for themselves and vote for their own and their communities’ best interests, but I’m not sure anymore that that will be enough.

  3. PiedType…I’m hearing you! I am not so sure about many things,but I am sure miracles do happen as I believe many people would attest to.A great many people will not believe unless THEY are the direct object of the miracle,and that is sad. Can I ask you a personal question? What would it take for you to believe in miracles? With thoughtful care, John the cook.

  4. In theology a miracle is defined as an event or effect contrary to the established constitution or course of things , or a deviation from the known laws of nature;a supernatural event.

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