The soothing sound of a power mower

My grass looked like this this morning. Or worse. And it was wet.

Yes, you read the title correctly. At around noon today I was enjoying the soothing sound of a power mower roaring around in my yard. I never thought I’d say it, but it truly was music to my ears.

A few days ago, already in a lousy mood, I called and fired the man who’d been doing my yard every year for the last five years or so. Everyone on the block started mowing as early as the first of April, but my guy hadn’t shown up and hadn’t called. So three or four weeks ago I called the only number I have for him and left a message (I never get anything but his voicemail) asking when he was coming and saying I hoped to see him the next weekend. No response. No appearance.

About 10 days ago I called again and asked that he please call me and let me know if or when he was coming so I’d know if had to find someone else. Still no response.

So a couple of days ago I left another message for him. Rather brusque. I don’t do brusque very well but was angry and emboldened by talking to his machine instead of him. In a few words more than were necessary, I’m sure, I told him he was fired. It felt great to be rid of him, especially since I’d wanted to do it several times in the past for similar reasons. (Mowing was not his primary job; it was just additional income.) Of course panic immediately ensued because I don’t know a soul on the block and had no idea at all about where to find someone else.

It’s been rainy for about a week (with more to come and possible snow this weekend), and Lawn Doctor has already been out here twice this season. And the grass had gotten a head start because it was left too long last fall. My little yard, the only one on the block not yet mowed, looked like heaven on a plate for grazing animals. Six to eight inches of gorgeous, lush green weed-free grass.

Then this morning I heard a mower on the street behind me and could see a red pickup in approximately the same place. A lawn mowing service maybe? With more rain imminent, this was an intrepid crew!

I rushed to get dressed and drove around the block as fast as I could. Yes! A truck, a trailer full of mowing equipment, and a man edging the freshly mowed yard! Turned out he was the same man I’d seen in the past working down the street. And he lives just a couple of blocks away. A neighbor. We talked briefly, exchanged some information, struck up a deal, and thirty minutes later he was hard at work in my yard.

Ah, sweet music, the melody of the mower.

21 thoughts on “The soothing sound of a power mower

  1. I feel your pain/frustration/exhilaration since I went through this a few weeks back (and I’m jealous of your lack of weeds!). Haven’t fired my guy yet, but if I get no response again, that’ll be it.

    Luke wasn’t happy about the mowing at first (he loved watching the grass wave, the little weirdo), but he’ll sit and stare for hours at the critters he can actually see now … though I’ll need to mow again soon … I should get Astroturf … 😀

    1. The lack of weeds doesn’t come cheap, but Lawn Doctor does a great job.

      The bunnies love the yummy grass, long or short, and Annie loves chasing them. I’ve no idea what she’d do if she actually caught one.

    1. It’s not natural but it sure saves a lot of water. Just ask the Californians who are installing it. Here in Denver they just reduce the total grass area by putting wide borders of river rock mulch around the sides. I hate it, but at least I have some grass.

      Back when I was mowing my own yard I broke down and bought a new mower with an electric starter. I’d gotten to the point where I just couldn’t yank that cord hard enough or fast enough. Of course, the hard starts do give us an excuse to make mowing a man’s responsibility.

  2. Hi PT-
    Congrats on your success in finding a new lawnboy, er, man to mow this year. My new-last-summer john deere won’t start (rider) so dragged out the trusty pusher… which also won’t start. Considering letting the neighbor’s horses out and my yard gate open, but too much even for them. Bought a “FatMax” recommended by a co-worker to jumpstart the jd. Only to you will i admit i am too chicken to try it, yet. Visions of an exploding battery & Wile E. Coyote keep running thru my head. Will have to suck it up and call my brother. 😕

    1. I share your fear of jumpstarting.It can save the day or, done wrong, can destroy a car’s electrical system. (Saw that happen once when a male co-worker offered to jumpstart another employee’s car.) I just don’t touch electrical stuff like that. The battery on my old mower was one I could plug in and recharge on the kitchen counter. That I can handle. Yep, call your brother. That’s what men are for. 😉

      You’d love the photo I came across while looking for the one above. Somebody’s grandmother (89 years old or something like that) on her riding mower out mowing her one-acre lot.

      1. Hahaha! That will likely be me, too! Hmm, my ‘idol’ is the www (wicked witch of the west), suppose i could be in a modern remake of WofO on my mower instead of a broom??

  3. Living in an apartment complex, about the only time I think of lawn care is when the maintenance staff is annoying me by drowning out my television – but I suppose I’d be just as annoyed by knee high weeds everywhere. I’m glad you found someone to take care of yours so easily. 🙂

  4. With luck, we’re going to hear that welcome mowing sound on Monday. Our concern this spring was different from yours. Because of difficult family situations, it was doubtful our mowers would be available, and we were worried. Within hours of each other, both mowers called and asked if they could again do the job. We said, “Yes and Yes.” All is well again with our lawn.

  5. Whew! While bunnies and Annie may love to frolic in the towering grass, it is a growing problem. Mosquitoes love long grass. So do other unwelcomed guests. We fretted until our guy showed up – he’s reasonable, and does a good job. When we downsized and moved to a place with a small yard, we decided not to replace the ancient lawn mower – those have gotten so expensive, we don’t have room to put it anywhere, and from July to end of Sept, it’s just too darn hot to mow. (I used to do it, but not any more)
    We have a couple of lawn couples that do yards as a team. Most women here prefer to stay out of the heat and get tans another way.
    Glad it worked out. You’re right, any notice by HOAs is annoying!

    1. I hadn’t even stopped to think about the unwanted critters that proliferate in long, wet grass. And it has been very wet for a couple of weeks. Don’t need skeeters spreading disease either.

    1. Large parts of my backyard are still squishy underfoot, and it’s a reasonably well drained yard. I know we need the water, but I’m starting to rust!

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