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Consumers Union tackles telemarketers

Ticked off by telemarketers? Ranting about robocalls? Well, as you may know, the FCC has recently said telephone companies can screen out spammers, telemarketers, and robocallers. Previously, phone companies have claimed doing so would be illegal.

Now Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, has started a petition demanding the phone companies stop the harassment of their paying customers. If you’re interested, you can sign the petition at It reads simply:

To: Phone Company CEOs
I demand that you provide free tools to block unwanted robocalls before they reach my phone.

There’s more information on the website about steps you can take, and you’re probably aware of most of them. But the petition is new. There’s still no legal enforcement that I can see, but maybe Consumers Union has enough clout to apply some real pressure. I, for one, am sick and tired of being abused in my own home by anonymous people/computers using my own phone (that I’m paying for) against me. I can block most of them now, but only after their first call has gotten through.


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