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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m already sick to death of hearing about the 2016 election. Candidates are still crawling out of the woodwork and we’ve yet to see a primary or a debate. Even so I’m drowning in election news that I’m months away from caring about.

Anyway, digging around in my archives or somewhere (don’t ever ask me to explain how I happened to end up on a particular website), I came across a link to “2012 Election Central” that was my go-to source for candidate lists, debate schedules, etc., back then. And luckily it’s up and running as 2016 Election Central. If history is any indication, it’s worth bookmarking for one-stop election information … for, you know, those rare times when you might actually want to know something about the election …

Of course, this assumes you care enough now to bookmark anything …

3 thoughts on “My bookmark for 2016 election info

  1. It’s all so early (and so painful so early.) Great link. Somehow with all the political noise – much of it useless- this election campaign period may become like I watch NBA basketball….just watch the last 15 minutes of the last game – that’s all that counts anyway. After the primaries, that’s probably the route I’ll take.
    Meanwhile about to put fingers in ears…it’s gotten as bad as Kardashian antics or Bruce/Cait-who-cares “reveal”.
    Issues, candidates and parties! Not speeding tickets, speed boats, fake regional accents.
    Oh, unless the entire purpose is to turn people off and make them walk away , leaving the politicians to do what ever they want without annoying input from the public…who pays their salaries…

    1. I’m with you in tuning out all this early garbage. I’m an independent in a state with caucuses. I can’t do squat until the general election, so I have no choice but to wait until the parties choose their candidates. It’s been a bit amusing to see so many jumping into the race, but I’m tired of it all now. And yet it’s just getting started … 🙁

      1. It’s zzzzzzzzz. People need to tune in for the caucuses…and so few do…that’s how we get so many of the “how did they ever get on the ticket”?
        Hope the weather’s holding. Seen the wieredest funnel cloud pix from CO this year. Stormy weekend predicted here.

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