Now you can unsend that ill-considered Gmail

gmail unsend
Find this in your Gmail settings under General > Settings. Check the box to enable and set your preferred cancellation period.

Ever sent an email to someone, only to realize a second later that there was a change you wanted to make? Or that you’d sent it to the wrong person? Or worse, to a lot of wrong persons?

Then you’ll be pleased to know Gmail has just introduced an “Unsend” feature that gives you up to 30 seconds to unsend or recall that email. It can be set under General > Settings > Enable Undo Send, with options of 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds. Once you’ve sent it, your outgoing mail will display the usual yellow bar with the additional “Undo” option for the period you’ve set.

Undno message

You may never need the option, but it could be a lifesaver for those who, for example, have unintentionally sent a very personal note to “Reply All.”

I’ve set mine to the maximum 30 seconds because … well … you never know …

10 thoughts on “Now you can unsend that ill-considered Gmail

  1. Nice one 🙂

    It’s sort of like years ago in the UK when people spent all weekend writing a letter and putting it in the Sunday post. And then the Sunday post stopped.

    But it was about first rushed thoughts, and then, maybe, if no Sunday post, thinking differently.

    We all send emails that we pause over, and press ping. For better for worse.

  2. It’s a send delay, isn’t it? Basically, it delays sending it out for the length of time specified. It seems of limited use . . . normally, I’m pissed off longer than 30 seconds.

    1. It didn’t say send delay, but I don’t see how else it could work. Yep, 30 secs is only time for an “oops” reaction. If really angry, well, maybe just cool off before writing? So hard to do sometimes.

  3. Thanks for this good info. A while back, it would have saved me significant pain in one case. Will install it right now.

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