Top this if you can (video)

So who’s cooler, the guy who threw the beer or singer John Coffey who caught and drank it while crowdwalking?

7 thoughts on “Top this if you can (video)

  1. Hi PT– Guess i must be too old to appreciate these, um, skills; my vote goes to everyone who didn’t go to the concert/event…. Now heading back to watch for Kane to arrive 🐣

    1. I’m not into this stuff either, and had never seen or heard of crowdwalking. But I didn’t think it was possible to throw a cup of beer like this and would never have imagined a (probably drunk) crowdwalker being able to catch it one-handed and drink it.

  2. Crowd walking. This just might explain why voter turnout is low in this country, and also why I’m grateful that they probably don’t vote. I propose raising the minimum age for voting to 35. 🙄

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