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Mixed feelings about this commercial

Is Mankind?

I just saw this commercial on TV and have some really mixed feelings about it. At first I was just intrigued, curious about where it was going and who created it. It asked some really thought-provoking questions and made me start thinking about “the big picture.”

But when the advertiser’s name finally came up at the end — Airbnb — I was disappointed. It wasn’t the big picture at all; it was, as ads usually are, the self-serving profit motive. I should have known better.

“Sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams” was suddenly a creepy idea, not a grand poetic concept. Yes, I’m one of those to whom Airbnb is a creepy idea. I don’t want to go sleep in other people’s beds, and I certainly don’t want them sleeping in mine. Apparently there’s quite an appeal for adventurous travelers who look for cheap schemes to travel the world. Apparently the idea of living in someone else’s home doesn’t bother them. But it sure bothers me. No thank you, I don’t want to eat and sleep in and violate your home and privacy. And it’s a cinch I won’t be opening my home up to you. That’s what hotels are for.

For what it’s worth, Airbnb explains the ad; but I’m not buying it. I don’t want to “go see.” At least not with Airbnb.

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