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  1. The social ills of abortion extend far beyond the clinics where you can “KILL” an unwanted baby! Planed Parenthood is not part of the solution,they are part of the problem.

    1. Then you do not understand that Planned Parenthood’s primary purpose is to provide women (and men and young people) with basic sex education, contraceptives, and affordable health care so that they do not have the unplanned, unwanted pregnancies that lead to abortion. Education is the only way to reduce the number of abortions in this country. When you reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, you automatically reduce the number of abortions.

    2. It’s difficult to conceive of anything more reprehensible than bringing an unwanted child into this world. Planned Parenthood does all the right things to try to prevent that.

      1. It’s equally reprehensible to force a woman to carry an unwanted baby to term, give birth to it, and have her life (and that of any family members) changed forever.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong here,but is not consensual sex the most common reason for abortions here in America? Is not ADOPTION a viable alternative to abortion? Why do we support bad sexual behavior with the option of killing a baby in the womb…just because YOU DON”T WANT IT! YES,there are medical rape and incest reasons for abortion.That is a given ,but that is not what I am talking about! As far as I am concerned Planed Parenthood’s record concerning and reducing the number of abortions here in America is dismal at best. Sex education is a must and people must be held accountable for their actions.

    1. Consensual or not, it’s unprotected sex that results in pregnancies (planned or otherwise). That’s why sex education and contraception are so important. And no, adoption is not a viable alternative unless a 9-month pregnancy and childbirth are also viable, desirable, affordable alternatives. For many women, they are not.

      It sounds like you’re blaming PP for all the abortions in the country, as though they provide all of them. They do not. And since there’s no way of knowing how many unplanned pregnancies/abortions have been prevented by PP’s sex education and healthcare activities, it’s impossible to say how “dismal” or successful their efforts have been. However, it’s a cinch that if efforts to shut down PP (and its educational efforts) are successful, there will be far more abortions in this country. You said it yourself: “Sex education is a must.”

      But you’ll have to explain “people must be held accountable for their actions.” Which people? What actions? Surely you don’t mean women with unwanted pregnancies should be punished by forcing them carry those fetuses to term. I’ve heard that said on occasion and it’s a cruel, ignorant, judgmental position.

  3. Big protests here around the regional center. One of the problems is that the pious and meaning well don’t understand everyone doesn’t have the life they have. One was asked just the question above and all they responded was “Well, there are other things you can do.” More vague answers: great help for someone who needs some help.
    I am livid at PP’s employees for freely running at the mouth and not being more cautious knowing they are a target. So much damage has been done after so many worked hard to give women options. The videos – edited or not – are ugly. If the organization wants to hang on and start rebuilding confidence, people should be fired. Perhaps it’s best that PP now be put in the same category as other health care providers, doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, medical care groups and just file the paperwork with the government for reimbursement like all the others. Women still get treatment and abortions at many facilities under the healthcare law and it is mandatory to carry insurance.(good thing in this situation).
    And the protestors? How about letting a woman needing assistance stay in that spare room of yours or funding her care to help her through a difficult time?…Hey, even adopt one of those poor little babies – you said lots of people wanted them. Oh. I see.

    1. As you point out, you never hear about those holier-than-thou types offering to help those pregnant women, pay for their prenatal and childbirth expenses, or adopt their babies. So very Christian, and yet so lacking in compassion and understanding.

      Yes, those videos were shot surreptitiously and edited carefully with the intent to make PP look as bad as possible, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the protesters. And I agree, PP representatives, knowing they are always potential targets, should be a lot more careful about what they discuss with whom.

      1. Just like many wail about the “unfortunates” in other countries while they walk past the hungry child, the desperate parent, the sick and needy right beside them on their own block or community….People see only what they want to see – only what supports their own immediate agenda (And pats on the back for being “good and virtuous” all around…while nothing changes)

  4. To kill an UNWANTED baby is reprehensible. To take that life because of rape incest or medical reasons is a very difficult decision to make. The fact that a woman is pregnant,for one day or nine months,changes her life for ever.
    Consensual sex,protected or otherwise,and pregnancy go hand in hand.To this we can not be stupid! One without the other could be considered the norm. When pregnancy does occur,why are they killing the babies? Over 54 MILLION babies have been killed by abortion since 1973 and that is just in America!
    Sex education has been being taught in public schools,grade school and High School since the mid 1960’s I know because I was there! With over 54 MILLION babies being killed since 1973 thru abortion is a STRONG INDICATION that we are not learning. Are we just to stupid or is it that we just do not care. Handing out condoms to adolescents in school is just adding fuel to the fire because already they are not making sound logical decisions.The cry of America is “kill it” it does not matter. The abortion numbers help support this line of reasoning.
    Critical thinking would include holding the man (I use the term loosely) accountable for his part in getting the woman pregnant.She did not do it by herself! Child birth,desirable situations and affordable alternatives are not part of the skill sets being grasped those who choose to be sexually active….and why,we make it to easy to kill the baby!

    1. First, let’s be clear. Fetuses, not babies, are aborted. A fetus is not a baby until it is born alive and viable; that rarely occurs prior to 20 weeks (89%-92% of abortions occur in the first 12 weeks; only 1.4% occur after 20 weeks).

      Of course we’re not stupid. Except for the ignorant (usually young), we all know that pregnancies only result from unprotected sex (consensual or otherwise). You keep trying to blame it on consensual sex, but it may not be. (Besides, consensual sex is the norm among loving couples in this country; are you suggesting it be banned? Ah, but of course you are. You must be a strict Catholic who believes sex is only for procreation. That’s your prerogative, of course, and I respect that, but you aren’t allowed to inflict/enforce that belief on other people.) You seem anxious to punish women for their “sin” of having consensual sex that results in an unwanted pregnancy. I’ve already mentioned the perfectly legitimate, legal reasons a woman might choose to end a pregnancy.

      The statistics you like to cite actually say that abortion numbers are falling drastically. And it’s because fewer women are getting pregnant. The rate is down “12% nationwide between 2010 and 2014, continuing a steady downward trajectory since the early 1990s.” I consider that a success by any measure; we all want fewer abortions. Why would you mess with a falling abortion rate by eliminating a major source of reproduction education and contraception?

      1. Education is a beautiful thing. AMERICAN DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE The Noah Webster 1828 Edition. fetus, n. plu. fetuses [L. fetus.] The young of viviparous animals in the womb,and of oviparous animals in the egg,after it is perfectly formed;before which time it is called embryo. Now that is a fetus!
        Why do people including the medical community include babies in the womb as a fetus…to dehumanize it. Make it easier to justify to kill it A baby in the womb is a LIVING human being. If it is not living then it is dead. Taking a human life should never be easy.
        Adding the term”unborn baby” to the definition of fetus after 1828 was not necessary.
        Thank You for your ear…I will close on this subject because my intent was not to anger you!. I thought the cartoon above deserved an opinion from a different perspective.

        1. I appreciate your offering a different perspective, John, and I apologize if I let my feelings get the best of me. You’ve been a regular reader and always polite even when we have different views. This is a real hot-button issue for me, being a former medical editor and the daughter of an ob-gyn who co-founded the first PP chapter in Okla. and supported it all his life. His objective was always to provide medical services and education to poor and underserved women.

          For the record, the medical and scientific communities use the term “fetus” because that is the medically and scientifically correct term after the 10th week of pregnancy. It was the correct term in 1828, as you point out, and it remains so today. Medically speaking, you first have a zygote (a single-cell fertilized egg), then a blastocyst (when the single cell starts dividing), then an embryo (the third week after conception), then a fetus (at the end of the 10th week of pregnancy). Fetus is the stage of development up until birth.

  5. Yes!!! I have gone to Planned Parenthood most of my life for all things vagina and woman related. I never went there seeking an abortion. Education keeps the need for abortion away! I have never had much money and they were always able to help me. Today to go to an Obgyn, it is a minimum $300. Nope I cannot afford healthcare nor Obamacare.
    All the ruckus about selling body parts is old news, YAWN, as just about anything doctors take out of anyone’s body goes to science…. bet my son’s gall bladder is on someone’s cold slab getting investigated right now. If this idea is against your beliefs, always talk to your doctor before you get anything removed and ban it right then and there.
    I am sick of the malicious intents of people who design such gossip as to hurt the one organization that has kept my woman parts healthy and only pregnant when I wanted. Thank you PP! And Thank you PP for the speakers you sent out to my parenting class full of below the poverty women and taught us all! Priceless!!!!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn, for stopping by and adding your wholehearted endorsement of PP. I firmly believe that education is the solution to all the world’s problems, including unplanned pregnancies and the resulting abortions. All sides agree on one thing: we all want fewer abortions. And better education, such as that provided by Planned Parenthood, is the only way to accomplish that.

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