Happy Friday, everyone

I just rewatched this video, first posted last May. It sure brightened my day. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Categories: dogs, pets, video content

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  1. yes, it did give me a smile. I think it must have been quite a challenge to get all those photos to line up exactly right. Helps to have my own pet at my feet while watching.

  2. AH!! I remember this from last time you posted it and LOVE it (as my rescue mutt lies nearby.) A dear young friend, (one of my former students), just received her Diabetic Alert Dog who is also a rescue. If interested, check out the site he came from–it’s terrific. http://www.headsuphounds.com/ They exclusively use only rescue dogs.

  3. Soon I’ll be sitting my son’s rescue dog for two weeks while he’s on a trip. Looking forward to the happy times with little Pearl.

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