Too many tears, not enough action



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    1. You know how it goes, though. There will be memorials, speechifying, and a great gnashing of teeth for a couple of weeks, at most. Then everyone will forget about it … until the next time.

  1. Even if our government could ban private ownership of all firearms it would work no better than the Prohibition era of alcohol or the war on illicit drug use. America as a whole needs to wake up.We have a Moral turpitude problem.Look up that term in BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY! It is as plain as the nose on my ugly face. We can’t fix stupid and that is what we are trying to do by making and passing more laws.

    1. We can’t fix stupid but we can make it harder for stupid to get guns. We also have a major problem recognizing mental health problems and keeping guns out of the hands of those affected. We can require background checks for ALL gun purchases. And you’re right, we do have a moral turpitude problem — it lurks with those legislators who have the power to do something and refuse to act even though innocent people keep dying. They’re more concerned with financial support and votes. And it lurks with voters who don’t demand action from their lawmakers. And it lurks with gun owners who think their rights are more precious than the lives of their fellow Americans.

  2. Question…can you name even one past present or future gun law that would have prevented the deaths of those at Sandy Hook,Oregon Columbine,Charleston by those who chose to break the law?

    1. I like zenzalei’s suggestion: Repeal the Second Amendment. And it wouldn’t hurt to do a better job identifying and treating the mentally ill. Unless you’ve got a better idea. How would you have prevented those deaths? Surely as a responsible citizen you’re concerned that so many innocent people are being killed by guns in the hands of the wrong people.

  3. Repealing the second amendment does not get rid of one gun.The 18th Amendment did not stop the production or distribution of a single bottle of alcohol.Were all the infamous killers of the prohibition era ie John Dillinger,Baby Face Nelson,Al Capone Bonnie &Clyde ect,were they all mentally ill? Surely they killed many many people with firearm they acquired illegally. I am concerned that so many innocent people are being killed…But we can not legislate morality,people are going to do what people want to do. Look no further than our current administration.

    1. If people are going to do what people are going to do, then obviously we have to start regulating the guns, reducing their number, and getting them out of the hands of people who have no self-control.

      And instead of repealing the second amendment, I rather like the idea of changing it as suggested by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. And he goes on to explain the often misunderstood clause about “a well regulated militia.” Very interesting article by someone far more knowledgeable than I.

  4. Don’t get me wrong,I am not against getting guns out of the hand of irresponsible people,but the average person does not have a sign around their necks saying”i am irresponsible” Look at how many actions of people are governed by REGULATIONS,and let’s face it they are not working very well at all.Our own government is a prime example.

    1. Just came across a solution that hasn’t been tried and sounds logical to me: firearm insurance. Worth a try … but of course we’d still have to depend on legislators to enact the necessary law, so I suppose once again the NRA would block it as a threat to gun owners. Our lawmakers are spineless when it comes to the NRA.

  5. Interesting discussion. Thank you to both of you! I work in a public middle school and we just spent most of the afternoon (no students in school today) with a fairly realistic “active shooter” drill, with ambulances, sheriff/police, mulage, triage, et al.

    1. That’s so important, and yet I so hate that schools have to prepare for such things. No such concerns when I was in school, or even when my son was in school. American society certainly has changed.

  6. Very good PiedType firearm insurance is an interesting idea.It could work for those who would acknowledge they own a firearm. What government agency would you trust today with that kind of knowledge and power? I can see it now…two people walking up to my front door with ID’S showing me they are from the insurance company. Hello John,we are here to VERIFY that you own and or have firearms on your property or in your home.How many do you have? What type of ammo do you have and how many rounds of ammo do you have…and the conversation goes very South and very Left from there…No way and no how! I can’t be that stupid.Can you even imagine the Minutemen answering those kind of questions from the very people they distrust?

    1. And yet you willingly insure your car because it’s the law.

      You imagine yourself a Minuteman? I guarantee if the government wants you or your guns, it won’t come politely knocking on your front door.

  7. “I guarantee if the government wants you or your guns, it won’t come politely knocking on your front door.”

    The reasonable fear of that happening is exactly the reason why it (they, the government, etc.) will never know where all the guns are.

  8. I have car insurance because it is the law. Driving …anything is a privilege and not a guaranteed right any where in the Constitution or Bill Of Rights.So far our government can not force me to get a job,buy a house,buy food buy, transportation,but they have managed to force its citizens to buy or purchase a health care plan. As far as getting our guns,they will have no more success than the British did on taking America and claiming it for their own!

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