All I want is a tolerable candidate



Zorbear, over at Politicians are Poody Heads, found this a few days ago and I can’t get it out of my head. This is the way I’ve felt for months and expect to feel right up to Election Day in November. I can’t imagine voting for any of the current frontrunners. Don’t think I’ve ever felt this disenchanted and hopeless about an election.


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  1. As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

  2. Agreed, politics is frustrating.

    It occurs to me that the fault may be in us, the voters, as much as in the candidates though. We want Abe Lincoln and sometimes what we get is Warren Harding. Considering what a sausage factory comprises politics, it’s a wonder that we do as well as we do. I think this is why many seem to instinctively dismiss specifics during the primary process in favor of character. After all, the presidency is only one of the three branches of government in this country and its power is limited. The big exception to that, of course, is the war button. So, there we are at character again. IMHO.

    1. For decades I’ve consoled myself with the thought that if I didn’t like the president, at least Congress could be counted on to maintain some balance and direction. But after the horrible partisan divide we’ve seen there in the last 8 years, I no longer have any confidence that Congress can or will do anything worthwhile. So, anticipating a very unsatisfactory (or worse) president and a worse-than-useless Congress … the future looks mighty bleak.

  3. Perhaps we require too much of candidates to, as we modestly assert, “become the leader of the free world.” These are humans running for president, and therefore not perfect. However, it does seem that the current crop of choices comes with an unusually large amount of undesirable characteristics and policy ideas. I’m having a hard time deciding who will get my vote.

    1. I’ve never not voted, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to vote for any of the current frontrunners. Or it may come down to voting for the lesser of two evils, which is equally distasteful.

        1. When I was a lot younger and more idealistic, I actually worked for some candidates that, while not perfect, seemed to be good, honest people with sensible, workable ideas. But that was then. This is now.

  4. I don’t envy you your job this year, and yes it is your job to select the right person not only for the US but for the rest of the world too.

    I must admit I follow the American political scene closely, I seem to recall a lady from the East somewhere in the New England area I think it was, who appeared to be a politician of outstanding honesty and integrity, wish I could recall her name; getting old I’m afraid, but I thought hey this woman would put Hillary Clinton to shame and make a good POTUS, I do think that’s what the US needs a woman in the White House.

    1. I’ll bet you’re thinking of Elizabeth Warren. I wished mightily that she would run. I’d have looked for ways to work for her campaign.

      Meantime I have to wonder (and don’t think I really want to know) what the rest of the world must be thinking of our current candidates. Didn’t England pass a law or something banning Donald Trump from even entering the country? His candidacy makes me want to hide under a rock.

      1. Yes indeed that’s the lady, I do believe she’d make a great first class, first female POTUS.

        If trump (lower case T deliberate) makes the Oval Office we must gird our loins for more war and conflict, well our Yankee cousins will, they’ll probably be infiltrated by every nutter from the Islamic state of which there are many, and cruz (same) too, would make you the laughing stock except that there will be nothing to laugh at, of the GOP perhaps the one Bush , Jed, seems to be a decent type different from geo dubya and might well turn out okay providing he has the right VP and staff, so he wont get the nod.

        As for the Donkeys not much to say, Sanders needs to take his pension and go and Hillary has a big question mark hanging over her head and her husband looks like he has one foot in the grave and might not be as much help to her as she needs but probably wont/cant admit.

        All in all I’m looking forward to the US political year with interest and hopefully some fun 😀

        An aside, the new pic of me was at age 44 🙄

        1. Warren would make a great president and I really wish she’d gotten into the race. But meanwhile, she’s doing extremely important work in Washington, working hard to bring the big banks under control and make them accountable again.

          After Jeb Bush’s interference in the Terri Schiavo case some years ago, I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the only person on the ballot. But he’s a Bush, so I wouldn’t vote for him anyway.

          Yep, I noticed the new picture. Very handsome!

          1. Neither would I if I were a Yankee voter but he seems the best of a lousy bunch of GOP candidates to this foreigner.

            I had thought of using one that was taken 20 years earlier 😀

          2. I’d have to really dig to find a picture that old. Not even sure I have any. I never liked having my picture taken, so few exist. Oh wait, there are wedding pics …

  5. I’m quite the opposite with the Democratic side…. I love both candidates. Some days I lean towards Hillary, some days, Bernie. Back and forth. I probably won’t be able to decide until it’s time to vote in June. Even then, I’m sure I’ll change my mind a dozen times just on the way to vote.

    Unlike most Republicans, I do not believe Hillary lied about anything (at least no more than all politicians do). She was not involved in anything nefarious with Benghazi. The email fiasco was completely blown out of proportion. If that’s the worst thing any politician has done, they definitely have my support.

    I’d like to see Bernie lighten up a bit. He’s always so serious. I’m afraid he’ll have a heart-attack before this is all over, and he doesn’t have any time to play with. lol… I love Bernie, but have to admint that this is a good depiction of him.

    1. I wish there were a candidate out there I could love. I can’t even muster a “like” at this point. I believe Hillary is up to her eyeballs in deceit, lies, and monumentally bad judgment when it comes to her email and private server. Plus, there’s all those questions about donations to the Clinton Foundation. As for Bernie, he seems very likable, sincere, and well intentioned. But I don’t see how he’s going to pay for the stuff he’s promising. And I don’t like some of the positions he’s taken in the past (gun control, for example). I confess, however, that I’ve not spent much time examining his current positions and explanations.

      1. I’m not fond of Bernie’s views on guns, either. That rather shocked me when I heard him mention something a few months ago. Checked his gun-related history and he is definitely more “liberal” with gun control than I believe in. So, what do you think that Hillary is lying about?

        1. Just about everything regarding her phone and handling of emails, her private server, etc. Her evasiveness, prevarications, constantly changing explanations, carefully parsed responses, etc. have driven me crazy. She’s just not believable.

      1. Heh. True. We outside the country really feel pity for you guys. A rock and the hard place. The one percent got you all by the balls.. We in Nigeria have accepted that all politicians are lying “kleptocrats”.. I think America needs to realize how corrupt its politics on the red and blue horizons have become. Trump – No, Hillary – Bigger No, Libertarians (Johnson) – unserious and wholly unsound and unclear on policies, Stein – just a joke really.. Even the protest candidates are weak.. It’s sad yes, but America looks truly f*****.

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