Fledge window opens tomorrow


Over at the Bella Hummingbird webcam, the list of viewers is growing as fledge day approaches. According to the posted schedule, Blossom and Banji hatched 20 days ago and fledging normally occurs 21 to 25 days later. Both have begun exercising their wings, or “wingercizing” as fans call it, in preparation for the big day. It’s a good thing, too, because that nest is getting mighty crowded.

To fully appreciate the size of a hummingbird nest, see the video in “Hungry for spring,” where an orphaned hummingbird is placed in a foster hummer’s nest. A human hand under the nest provides perspective.

NOTE: Blossom and Banji fledged yesterday, March 4. Videos have been posted.

4 thoughts on “Fledge window opens tomorrow

    1. It could happen anytime in the next few days. And inevitably it seems to happen when you have to step away for a while. I was actually watching once when it happened on the Phoebe cam. And there the operator also caught everything on videos that he posted. I’m too new to the Bella cam to know if there will be videos. But it sure gets exciting when those babies start sitting on the edge of the nest and flapping just hard enough to lift off a tiny bit, strengthening their wings, practicing their flapping. And then suddenly they’re gone. If you blink you’ll miss it.

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