Mr. Roboto: Take Two

This was Marco Rubio yesterday in Nashua, New Hampshire.

What is this man’s problem? It’s getting downright creepy. Is there a brain in there or just a malfunctioning recording?

17 thoughts on “Mr. Roboto: Take Two

  1. That’s why we here in New Hampshire insist on seeing and hearing the candidates in the flesh. No retouching, no snipping for sound bits … look ’em in the eye or feel the grip in their hand, if we can. We’ve deflated more than one mass-media advertising image candidate and seems we’re about to squish a few more.

    1. Must be a fascinating place to live when a primary is in the offing. I can’t even imagine all those candidates, public gatherings and appearances, media people. I put a lot of stock in those of you who do get to “look ’em in the eye.” So much better than getting it all filtered through the media.

  2. Is this bloke real? I reckon I’d do a better job as POTUS than this fellow.and speaking of brains there doesn’t seem to be an over abundance of them amongst the people of New Hampshire, IMNSHO

    1. I used to think he was real. Now I’m beginning to wonder. Maybe he really is a robot, an android designed and programmed to look like the perfect candidate … but malfunctioning.

    1. It’s baffling to me. If he’s got his brain in gear at all, how could he or anyone do this? Doesn’t he know what he’s saying? Isn’t he thinking about what he’s saying? It’s just bizarre.

    1. He can’t even get his excuse straight. For several days he claimed his repetitions in the debate were intentional (yeah, right). In the last day or two he’s finally admitted he screwed up. But I’ve yet to see him admit to doing it again a couple of days later in Nashua.

      I have a hunch those cardboard robot suits are going to be seen a lot more in the weeks and months to come.

      1. I started to locate a pix of them for today’s post – but didn’t want politics to distract today. (Atleast some of the candidates are dropping out finally….and now they’re back to having a debate in Houston…thought we’d managed to out of that circus)
        Those robot suits are such a hoot! Bet we will see more.

          1. He seems to be the chosen one of the mainstream Rep. Party ( Jeb failing so…thank goodness). He’s been out all day trying to do crisis management? More amusement ahead.
            At least we can get a few laughs before the backroom deals are brokered and we’ll be stuck with the ones both Parties have crowned. (And as they try to convince us it’s all our own ideas. GAG)

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