Month: March 2016

Penny pony rides

Horses like this were common in grocery stores when I was a kid and I rode them every chance I got. This particular one is for sale as a vintage item and a ride on it back in the day obviously… Read More ›

Guns at the GOP convention?

“Thousands Petition To Allow Guns At Republican Convention For ‘Safety’” This Huffington Post headline today comes only a week or so after Donald Trump assured us there will likely be riots at the GOP convention in Cleveland. The petition, with more… Read More ›

America deserves better

America deserves better than this. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, fighting like boys in a schoolyard. Yet each wants us to make him President of the United States. Seriously? These “men” are your idea of a president? I don’t care who said… Read More ›

This is not a parrot

Nope, not a parrot. Look closely. Do you see her now? This exquisitely painted woman is the work of award-winning body painter Johannes Stötter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy), Stötter is an artist, musician and fine art bodypainter. You can… Read More ›

Snow day!

So we (Denver metro) had this little blizzard today. I won’t bore you with a bunch of snow pictures since they all look pretty much alike. Instead, I thought this video was attention-getting. Picture this blowing through a city for… Read More ›

What does the fox say?

  Archer is an Arctic fox who lives with his owner, Kristina Shafer, in her Michigan home. He “laughs” on command, and in this video is responding from a chuckle from Shafer’s boyfriend. Shafer posted this video on Vine, where… Read More ›