Earpiece problem? You decide

17 thoughts on “Earpiece problem? You decide”

  1. Hmm. Well, the ear is near the brain, which in a normal person is also the site of the conscience. In Herr Drumph’s case, that has probably been replaced by the dissemble center. He should will that organ to the Smithsonian for post-mortem study by future generations. If there are any.

  2. How can anybody in right mind even consider this person for high office let alone the highest in the land. He could not lie straight in bed. A vile, vicious dangerous man without much real intelligence,

    “In God We Trust” is I believe the official motto of the United States; methinks the people of America better hope your trust is not misplaced and this vermin is struck down by said gods mighty hand 😈 says he tongue in cheek 😀 We atheist can be spiteful sometimes 😉

    1. “E Pluribus Unum” was the original motto and as far as I’m concerned it is still the official one. I’ve always considered “In God We Trust” a violation of the separation of church and state, and also the addition of “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. Both are divisive and exclusionary.

      1. Religion has too much to say in the US, IMNSHO. and I believe you are perfectly correct in your belief re seperation, which I think your founding fathers emphasized most emphatically

      2. And I quote…”Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.” Washington.
        We are failing miserably and are bankrupting our society into total debauchery right here in the good ol USofA. The only place you will find morality in Washington DC is in a dictionary some place,and it has most likely been blotted out by the most liberal of politicians. They just don’t want to hear it.

      3. One needn’t be religious to be a moral, ethical person. Washington may be a cesspool of unethical and immoral behavior, but it is occupied by just as many religious conservatives as liberals.

      4. You are absolutely correct,one does not have to be religious to be moral. Look up the word “moral” in BLACK’s law dictionary. It will surprise many people of the actual definition of a moral person.

  3. He was spouting, as my mom said to me a little while ago, pure BS. He knows who David Duke is and about the “traitor to your heritage” comment. Sadly, as demonstrated by the comments on my newspaper’s story about him winning Arkansas, there are people who actually believe everything that comes out of his mouth. That should terrify us.

    I still think this is all the result of a bet … they should really call it off …

    1. Of course he knows who Duke is. He’s talked about him in the past, per some of the fact checkers. And even my grandkids probably know something about the KKK. It does absolutely terrify me that so many people believe everything he says and are voting for him.

      A bet. A joke. A nightmare. Whatever it is, I wish it would stop!

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