Great news! Wild tiger numbers increasing

Bengal tiger
Bengal tiger

Fantastic news this week. The World Wildlife Fund and Global Tiger Forum reported Monday that for the first time in 100 years, the number of tigers in the wild has increased. With all due respect to the beloved creatures who share my home, I have to say tigers have always been my favorite animal. And it has distressed me greatly to see their numbers dwindling year after year. I have feared and still fear they may disappear from the earth before I do.

In 1900, there were an estimated 100,000 wild tigers in the world. That number dwindled steadily to a mere 3,200 in 2010 due to hunting, poaching, and loss of habitat. But the latest count puts the number at 3,890. Improved tracking and counting methods may account for part of the increase, but at least the number has begun to move in the right direction. Finally. And I for one am cheering from the rooftops.

For information about the world’s wild tigers and how all this has come to pass, see “Number of Tigers in the Wild Is Rising, Wildlife Groups Say.”

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Sumatran tiger
Sumatran tiger

10 thoughts on “Great news! Wild tiger numbers increasing

    1. I think they’re the most beautiful animal in the world, although there are many contenders. RC has a right to be smug with relatives like these running around.

  1. Grrrreat News.

    We got to pet tigers, and lions, and snow leopards.

    Some time back, 20 plus years, the Lincoln Park Zoo, here in Chicago, built a new Big Cat structure. So in one day a mess-o-vets, taking advantage of the cats moving to the new digs, anesthetized, gurneyed, and did check-ups, teeth cleaning, and other basic health maintenance on the critters.

    So Susan and I walk into the public viewing area of the old cat place and saw 15 or so big cats sleeping, surrounded by a group of vets and assistance working on each cat. This was not open to the public. Susan had a friend, a Zoo vet, who invited us, “To Pet The Tiger.”

    And we did. I was tentative. Some… what if they awake? More, the cats didn’t give permission to be touched.

    But I did. I scratched a Snow Leopard behind his ears. And a lion, and the tiger.

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