As the band played on …


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        1. in any case, oblivious to reality for sure. (still waiting for another shoe to drop….hey there’s a thought that Ted and Mr K. left in order to give Trump plenty of rope hoping he’ll trip up and the party will toss him at the last minute…and there’s Ted! just like in the Shining….seriously. Scary thought)

          1. Just turned on CNN and it sounds like the GOP leaders are a long way from accepting Trump as their nominee. I don’t see any way around the fact that he’s the only candidate left in the field, but I know we should never underestimate the ability of politicians to manipulate things.

          2. Of course I do. The man’s an insufferable blowhard who goes around saying whatever pops into his head. Trouble is, he’s unpredictable. I don’t want him anywhere near the nuclear button.

  1. Great cartoon! But, OBE (Overtaken By Events) now. Carly ranks right up there with Chris Christie for poor political timing. How obviously egocentric can you get? Disgusting.

    1. Well, I posted it early enough in for it to be valid most of the day. Up until he was OBE and quit. Had he picked up Carly a few weeks ago, he might have been gone even sooner.

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