Am I following the campaigns? You could say that


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  1. “The foundations of our national policy, will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.” George Washington,1798 Character: Learning to live and act according to a predetermined set of life principles rather than by feeling or gut reaction. Conduct is the best indicator of character. A persons words can only be proven by their consistent actions. Appearance and words are deceiving; behavior is the best judge of character.

  2. I blame the primary system for the poor quality in candidates. Primaries encourage extremism on emotional issues like abortion and gun control while at the same time condemning compromise. Because of this, conventions have become mere pep rallies rather than committees that choose what’s best for the country.

    1. The primaries are certainly part of it. It seems no two states are alike. And as an independent in Colorado, for example, I was completely disenfranchised. I could have voted if (a) I changed my registration to one of the two major parties and then (b) attended their local caucus. Then afterward I could change my registration back to independent. I don’t know where or how to start fixing things, but a system that gives us the two tainted candidates we have is clearly not serving the nation’s best interests. (Yes, I know there are multiple third-party choices. I don’t consider them viable. Yet. But Libertarian Gary Johnson is looking better every day.)

    1. I love how Gowdy managed to render in clearcut black and white what everyone one else has been painting in shades of gray.

      Eight days to come up with the lame explanation of “convenience”? And weeks/months of weaseling after that? A trustworthy person with nothing to hide does not behave that way.

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