Again!? Really?

These cretins are destroying a sandstone formation known as the “Duckbill.” It is, or was, a popular landmark at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast.

Park visitor David Kalas shot the video and reported that the vandals said “they did the world or Oregon” a favor because the rock was a safety hazard. Park officials originally thought the formation had come down on its own.

According to Oregon State Parks, the men could face hundreds of dollars in fines ($435 for destroying a natural resource) and possible criminal charges. We can only hope.

If all this looks familiar, you’re probably remembering the scout leader and friends who destroyed a rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley a few years ago. They too claimed to be saving lives by removing a hazard.


If we’re going to remove hazards, let’s start with these imbeciles.




15 thoughts on “Again!? Really?

    1. I’m all for it. Or brand a big scarlet V (for vandal) on their foreheads. But I suppose the ACLU would get involved and file some lawsuit about cruel and unusual punishment. Pull out fingernails? Cut off a pinky finger? I don’t know what’s appropriate when the damage they did is irreparable. At least the graffiti guy in Denver can be sentenced to months of scrubbing graffiti off public places (with a toothbrush, not a power washer).

    1. Well, obviously this must be society’s fault. We didn’t provide them with proper housing, or a balanced diet, or a decent education. Perhaps we didn’t remove them soon enough from abusive homes, or give them enough welfare or good enough jobs. Or we didn’t provide enough “safe zones” or protection from “micro-aggressions” and “hurtful speech.” People are no longer responsible for their own behavior; they are simply the result of a callous, uncaring society.

      1. I think it’s the exact opposite. We’ve given them and their parents too much. Neither have ever been compelled to work for what they’ve gotten in life in the same way that we and our parents have. How many of these youngsters ever got one present for Christmas? And it was an article of clothing? How many have had to get a (very) small job in order to pay for their school lunch? These cretins have been delivered life on a silver platter and now they think we owe them whatever they want.

        Having to manage a back yard garden for their balanced diet and having teachers willing to paddle yesterdays homework into them and all of us telling them straight up that they are uneducated, uncivilized, irresponsible brats — is what they really need.

        1. Either way, they’re blameless. It’s the fault of the people and society that raised them, either giving them too much or not giving them enough. Ask anybody; it’s never their fault. It’s always the fault of someone else — someone making stupid rules, being biased or bigoted, saying something that made them angry (or perhaps just ignoring them). Everybody’s a victim and as such has an inherent right to be angry, destructive, antisocial, etc., etc.

  1. …and not only are they idiots for doing it, but even bigger idiots for thinking it would be cool to video their heroic act! Just completely disgusting as was the boy scout leader episode in Utah. 🙁

    1. These particular idiots didn’t video themselves like the ones in Utah. These were spotted by another park visitor who recorded their vandalism, rather like the graffiti guy that was caught recently near Denver. You’d think the growing presence of cameras/phones would make these guys think twice before doing something like this. But then, thinking is not exactly their strong suit.

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