Vorticity: Mike Olbinsky does it again

13 thoughts on “Vorticity: Mike Olbinsky does it again”

    1. From a distance, I’m almost as fascinated with tornadoes as the chasers are, although it’s a business for them. I’ve even thought about going on a hunt with some of them (they do that here). But I’d have bailed on these guys. Waaaay too close.

    1. I thought of you when I came across the Olbinski video. I think you were the first person, several years ago, to tip me off to the existence of such videos — the grand, timelapse videos of sky and storm. And I agree, the chasers in the second video are crazy, or at least the craziest I’ve seen to date. True, chasers know their prey and its usual behavior, but it looked like these guys got so close there was no margin for error if that twister did something unepected.

    1. I think I saw them, two light colored blurs going by very quickly from right, next to the road, to left. At about 05:07. Remember, it’s timelapse, so they won’t just be standing there looking like cows. Think how fast the cars go by.

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