Feel the warmth


Posting this, even though it’s old … because I needed it.

Animals in distress and people coming to the rescue, because (I like to think) that’s what people do. Scenes I particularly love — CPR on a moose, a rescued baby elephant running to rejoin mom, and of course the freed whale leaping for joy.

(Note: The original video disappeared. This is the best replacement I could find.)

18 thoughts on “Feel the warmth

  1. Our dogs certainly get ito a lot of strife; that moose certainly melted my hard heart, it looked so sad and lonely. Wasn’t it lovely the way the other elephant went to join the mother being reunited with her baby?
    I particularly liked the freed whale, it was almost as if it saluted those that came to it’s rescue in that last e radio sene with it’s huge tail waving twice.

    Thanks for the tip re the music. I actually had some lovely music on the stream from 2MBS here in Sydney at the time which suited this perfectly.

    Telemann,. Concerto in E.(Vienna Acadamy) XD

    1. Indeed. It’s a huge responsibility that we need to take more seriously. Earth as a planet will survive in one form or another. It’s we as a species who may disappear if we destroy our only habitat.

        1. No, I didn’t see the movie, but have long thought we need to colonize Mars. For that matter, I think we should have established a permanent base on the moon by now, as the logical first step in learning how to build, maintain, and live in an extraterrestrial environment.

  2. You saw the big rhino with the tire around his snoot? Glad he’s ok, too.
    Pretty annoyed today as a woman found a desperate German Shepherd toss out among the trash in a local illegal dump site – worse: muzzle taped with duct tape, head and eyes wrapped in tape. Wounded and hurt. County animal rescue came immediately. The poor dog was wagging his tail as they carried him to the van. Sheriff said vet is treating dog who is pretty bad shape, but they are operating and hope he will heal enough to be adopted. Law officer is pretty angry at the intentional meanness and hopes to track down the ones who did this.
    The world has become so hateful to the most trusting.
    So beams of happiness welcomed.

      1. Gut wrenching. Poor dog also had skull cracked and tumor on belly. It’s 90 degrees. They left a bowl of water.
        The reward for info is $5,000 so far.
        We need to find this one – serial killers and mass murderers start with tormenting animals…and there are always family/friends/neighbors who know about it. That person is out there walking around. Who know that eye for an eye thing?…may have a place in certain circumstances.
        As the woman and daughter who found the dog said, at least the poor animal was comforted and held at the end and finally out of pain.

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