Dump Tower is gone

For a few hours, the map looked like this. (Cosmopolitan/Google)

I may be the last to hear it, but apparently a couple of days ago, on Google maps of New York City, Trump Tower appeared as Dump Tower. If you searched for it, a map would come up showing Trump Tower, but if you closed the big information box on the left, it changed to Dump Tower. The “error” reportedly was corrected a few hours later.

Naturally I went immediately to Google and searched for Trump Tower in New York. At first all I saw was a dot saying Trump Golf. (I guess it’s a work in progress. That was about an hour ago and now Trump Golf is gone.) When I zoomed in far enough it changed to Trump Tower, but it appeared the building itself had been erased from the map, although it was still visible on Google Earth.

Aww, too bad. Looks like all the Trumps will have to give up their tasteless gold plate and marble palace and move to the White House. Old, historic, tasteful, and small. Not exactly Trump style.

This morning the map looked like this. Just a big blank space where the building used to be. (Google)
And yet the building is still there on the Google Earth view. (Google Earth)

Belatedly, now it occurs to me that the Secret Service and their security measures may be involved. Google sometimes blurs or hides certain sensitive areas on their maps. But in this case it’s more fun to think someone else is responsible.



11 thoughts on “Dump Tower is gone

  1. Yes, I would think the Secret Service would have something to do with it. Last I heard, only some of the Trump Family is planning to move to the White House, but with fake news making the rounds, who can believe anything these days?

    1. It was my understanding that Melania and Barron were going to stay at Trump Tower so he could finish his school year. Personlly I think the first family should be required to live in the White House (to simplify security if nothing else). Plenty of other “first children” have gotten their educations while living in the White House.

    1. Google said it has a program/app that allows people to make certain changes to the map, but that it’s discontinuing it. I imagine it wouldn’t take much for a hacker to work from that.

  2. (snicker) I think that was funny. I’m sure there will be plenty of this until Dump is out of office.

    As I’ve previously mentioned, due to my withdrawal from the news because of my hatred of Dump, I had decided I was going to start posting about other news and stuff of interest. I still plan to do so but was thinking today about posting Dump-news — and it would be primarily talking smack about him. Not spreading or creating lies, of course (unless it’s satirical), but if there is any gossipy news, negative news, etc, out there — the kind that Dump HATES to see — then I may just post about it.

    As you know, Dump cannot stand any negative news about him and threatens anyone with lawsuits, especially the media. He had banned so many news sites and reporters during his run for prez…. Now, I want to post so much caca and nasty opinions about him due to his threats of denying me and thousands of others our First Amendment rights. Don’t threaten my Right to Free Speech. If you can’t take it, Dump, then GET OUT!

    1. I’d pretty much decided to avoid thinking or talking or posting about the man because it just keeps me upset. But I thought this was really funny and had to be shared, even if it was first reported a couple of days ago.

      1. Talk about “Above and beyond” asking a bit much this time. I wonder who they voted for, I suppose they do vote or perhaps they are not permitted to under the circumstances. Be interesting to find out ……………

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