Pardon my dust

Yes, there are some decorating changes afoot at Pied Type. Some things are a bit out of whack right now, but I’m working on them. It’s been a long time since I’ve messed with the code for this blog andΒ I’ve forgotten a lot of what I once knew. So the trial-and-error continues …

6 thoughts on “Pardon my dust

  1. I like it!

    Very dignified and worthy of an editor; old young retired or active πŸ˜€

    Now all I need to know is the design name, and the fonts used, the main text doesn’t seem as attractive as on the previous site; looks a bit like Ariel 1 to me which is not exactly a favourite. And the heading ‘Pardon my dust’ appears to be Times New Roman.

    The grey, at least it appears grey to me, is delightful; I’m going to see if it’s available on my scheme. I do like the way you’ve kept all that important stuff at the bottom.

    You’re obviously a professional and are not letting your fellow editors down.

    I’m more then ompressed.

    1. I’m blushing, but I’m glad you like it. I’ve haven’t spent a lot of time on the fonts yet. Spent most of the day trying to get the more obvious things in the right place, set up the colors, etc. You’re right, though. I used a serif font before for the text because I think it’s a bit more traditional and easier to read. Font choices still to come. The theme is Opti.

      1. Might be traditional, but it’s no more easy to read and not nearly as appealing to the eye.
        I do like that Opti theme, but as I chop and change themes often I wonder whether it’s worth paying $107.00 for the pleasure, especially considering the number of posts I make/do/publish, whatever πŸ˜€ :bear:

          1. Unfortunately, as careful as I was about saving all the code I used before, in case I messed up something, I neglected to make a note of the exact fonts I’d used. And as we all know, there are a bajillion fonts to choose from.

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