WordPress snow a day early this year

WordPress has turned on its annual snowfall and it will be available until January 4. To turn the snow on or off on your blog, go to Dashboard > Settings > General and scroll to the next-to-last item on the page. Check or uncheck the box: “Snow — Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Astute observers will notice the snow falls toward their cursor. Or away. Or maybe it changes. Play with it and see.

12 thoughts on “WordPress snow a day early this year

  1. Being in the Antepodes where it’s summer; I shall for obvious reasons, give the snow thing a miss.

    In fact when it comes to snow; I’ll always give it a miss

    . 🙄 XD O_o 😈 :bear: one bear that doesn’t like snow!

    1. Well at least now you know how to turn it off, in case it was pre-checked for you.

      Have you ever experienced real snow? As a kid in England, perhaps? We have a family acquaintance who just moved here from Australia and has now seen his first snow. He was very unimpressed; doesn’t like the cold at all. Of course, knowing that, I’m not sure why he moved here in the first place. I forget what his explanation was.

      1. Yes, I remember riding my bike to school one very cold morning, must have been 1948/49, the snow was quite deep,(nowhere near as deep and bad as it gets in your country) and rugged up as I was I collapsed, probably a quarter of a mile short of the school grounds and remember being heated up and brought around in the classroom.

        When I first arrived in Australia I did go to the Snowy Mountains and tried my hand at skiing, was okay, except I wasn’t fond of the cold even then.

        It’s probably fair to say that the vast majority of Australians have never seen snow (nor want to in most cases) and the shock really hits as in this case.

        There are many Australians that do actually like the cold. My son does for one; (I’m thinking of having him certified)

        My first wife and our son liked the cold too, they both lived in Denver for quite some time I believe. She eventually settled in Hobart Tasmania, where the wind blows off the Antarctic ice, and our daughter moved there after her mothers death from stomach cancer in 2012 and is planning on moving to live in Norway, Our son moved to England back in the 90’s.

        I don’t know what my third wife will like, as I haven’t met her yet!

        1. Well, don’t mistake our mountains snows for what we get in Denver, or more specifically, in Thornton where I live. I don’t recall anything that bothered my driving for more than maybe 3 days. If it’s not on the roads, I don’t care at all. It’s just moisture that we need. And most days of the winter, there’s no snow on the ground at all. Was a bit of a surprise to me when I moved here, actually. I expected a lot more snow than there actually is, at least here in the northern Denver suburbs.

  2. It would be nice if we could turn it on for specific posts.
    All the moving spots add difficulty for readers who are dyslexic. Its difficult enough to keepthe letters where they should be – and now all this extra movement.
    It’s really pretty on images, though

    1. I agree. I hate it when I want to display a beautiful photograph or address a serious subject. But it’s fun with lighter fare. I’ll probably have it off and on several times this month.

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